NBA Deadline deals that would make the Earth explode

The NBA trade deadline is coming up quickly on February 8th and a lot of names are being tossed around the rumor mill. Expect an incredibly  active trade deadline for teams looking to add that extra talent to make the playoffs. Who will be the next Blake Griffin to get moved?

Lance Stephenson to the Cleveland Cavaliers

I have a very interesting take on this move that would put Lance Stephenson and LeBron James (ex-rivals) on the same team. With the presence of Lance Stephenson on the Cavs, they will have gained the swagger that they need to not only beat the Boston Celtics, but the defending champion Golden State Warriors as well.

Stephenson brings so much energy and antics that he may be able to spark some talent into Kevin Love. This locker room is obviously in some shambles, and frankly, they need a guy who is going to light a fire into the eyes of players like Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith. One can only picture Lance Stephenson blowing into Steph Curry’s face this postseason instead of Lebron’s.

Anthony Davis to the Cleveland Cavaliers

The injury to DeMarcus Cousins was absolutely devastating for a Pelicans team that was sixth in the Western Conference and looking like a team that could pull off an upset in the first round. It is time to move away from the Cousins-Davis duo that has not been able to even get to the first round of the playoffs.

This move would likely put Twitter in flames. It would also likely require the Cavs to include Thompson, the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick and several other picks and players. With the move, the new starting lineup would include: Isaiah Thomas, Lance Stephenson (with the other deadline deal), LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Anthony Davis. This lineup would surely be able to compete for a title.

Nikola Mirotic to the Boston Celtics

The Celtics have managed to take the early lead of the top spot of the Eastern Conference even without Gordon Hayward. However, with this in mind the Celtics do have a hole to fill on their roster and it is at the power forward position.

According to a report from ESPN, a trade between the Chicago Bulls and the New Orleans Pelicans fell through Tuesday, so he is on the market. This is where the Celtics should try and make a move.

With Mirotic, every player on the starting lineup has the ability to take and make a three pointer from any part of the floor. This is something that could dethrone the King in Cleveland and put the Celtics in the finals.

DeAndre Jordan to the Houston Rockets

This move would be so much fun to watch and could even have the Rockets contend with the Warriors for the finals. This move would end the era of Clint Capela in Houston while reuniting ex-Clippers teammates Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan.

This would especially be interesting because of the fact that these teams have created their own rivalry with their locker room skirmish that occurred earlier this month. With Jordan now on the Rockets roster, they would have yet another brain that can figure out a way into the Clippers locker room. This also means that Austin Rivers better hide because he is about to get jumped.

Rodney Hood to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Andre Roberson was carted off the floor earlier this week with a leg injury and played his last game of the 2017-2018 season. Roberson provided tremendous defense to a team that ranks in the top five of defensive rating. This team needs a “3 and D” type player that can add to the scoring and defense that Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Steven Adams already contribute.

Rodney Hood has been a very undervalued member of the Utah Jazz. With the departure of Gordon Hayward in the off-season, the Jazz looked to Hood to fill that role. Hood is averaging the most points of his career, but he has not been the superstar the Jazz thought he could be. Adding Hood would be a huge addition for this roster’s chances of being a contender in the West.

Kemba Walker to the Philadelphia 76ers

Let’s face it Philly fans, as an avid process truster, it saddens me to concede that Markelle Fultz may just be a wasted draft pick. I know that this is very early to give up, but have you seen his shot? Not even Michael Kidd-Gilchrist knows what Fultz is doing. A trade surrounding Markelle Fultz and Kemba Walker would make sense for both teams.

The Sixers could add a combo guard/playmaker to complement Ben Simmons immediately and give them a chance to rise in the awful Eastern Conference. For the Hornets, they would add the number one pick from last June’s draft. Fultz could still be a superstar and it may not be a bad idea for the Hornets to blow it up and start over again.

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