Best Twitter reactions to this season’s biggest NBA trades

Another win for the Internet.

Blake Griffin’s blockbuster trade to the Detroit Pistons sparked some hilarious Twitter reactions. After getting a five-year, $171 million contract this past summer in free agency from the LA Clippers after Chris Paul left, Griffin was now the face of the franchise and sold on retiring a Clipper. Oh, how things can change.

Griffin was as surprised as anyone.

Anyone remember when Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers locked up DeAndre Jordan to persuade him not to sign with the Dallas Mavericks a couple summers ago?

Yet, Griffin’s big move was just the latest of several marquee star players around the league that have  been moved for seemingly less of a load than what was required in years past. This summer, stars like Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler and Paul George all were swapped for lesser talents with an eye towards future rebuilds. Still, Twitter did not shy away from these deals.

When CP3 got traded, it got people thinking back to the David Stern days. Honestly, all of this could have been a lot different if Paul was a Laker.

What was funnier: all the heavy-minute Tom Thibodeau tweets or the fact that it didn’t take too long for DWade to reach an agreement for a buyout with the Bulls?



Finally, little did people know that Victor Oladipo would be this good as an Indiana Pacer.

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