NFL Wild Card Weekend described in GIFs

The first week of the postseason is in the books, which means some teams are moving on, while others have been eliminated.

Wild Card weekend was filled with some excitement, boredom, broken tables and broken dreams. These GIFs perfectly sum up the first week of the NFL playoffs.

Tennessee vs.  Kansas City: Titans won 22-21


Andy Reid and the Chiefs blew another big playoff lead and left us questioning how this team beat the Patriots earlier this season.


When you prove literally everyone wrong and show that you actually did deserve a spot in the playoffs.

Atlanta vs. Los Angeles: Falcons won 26-13


It was a disappointing end to the season for the Rams, but they have a bright future.


Atlanta survived, and despite their struggles this season they can be a dangerous team. Just as long as they don’t get out to any 28-3 leads.

Buffalo vs. Jacksonville: Jaguars won 10-3


Rest easy folding tables, the Bills are too busy losing playoff games and tossing water on opposing fans to jump through you…  well at least until next season.


Blake Bortles, I mean Blake Vick, and the Jags put the Bills playoff life through a table.

Carolina vs. New Orleans: Saints won 31-26


Cam Newton and the Panthers make an early playoff exit at the hand of their divisional foe.


New Orleans is really fun to watch. They could be a dark horse to win the Super Bowl.


These GIFs were found on the NFL GIPHY page. 

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