How NBA players can boost their All-Star votes

Some easy fixes to get the NBA's elite to this year's all-star weekend.

Every year, players and fans alike argue for certain players to gain more votes so they can join the elite of the NBA in the All-Star game. It happens over and over again, like how the Browns miss the playoffs every year, or how D.C. sports teams always fall short of the conference championships.

All the players have to do is think outside the box and come up with foolproof plans to solidify their place in Los Angeles this February. Luckily for them, all they have to do is read this article for different ways to gain more attraction to their name.  



Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL 863,416)

Giannis is one of the best up-and-coming players in the whole NBA. The Greek Freak is a special player, and is as close to Kevin Durant as you will ever get. Giannis will be taking over the league very soon with the kind of play he is producing on the hardwood.

He has the most votes over anyone so far, but there is one way he could get more. He needs to simply change his last name. Think of all those All-Star votes that have been flushed down the drain because people can’t spell his last name correctly when voting on Twitter.

LeBron James (CLE 856,080)

It is no surprise that LeBron James is having another amazing season in Cleveland. He is averaging 27 ppg  on 55 percent shooting (!!). ‘Bron has been carrying the city on his back for these last few years, and did it through the first 35 games of the year without his best rebounder in Tristan Thompson and his new point guard Isaiah Thomas.

It was surprising that Giannis had more votes than LeBron, and the King now needs to switch it up on everyone. It is very simple Go “Zero Dark Thirty-23” early this year, and get ESPN talking more than they already do about you. Those guys over in Bristol will be camping outside of his house to know what is going on, and fans will go bonkers.

Dwight Howard (CHA 57,730)

Howard was one of the best centers in the game for a few years. He had some of his best years between 2010-2012 when he was on the Orlando Magic.

Howard then decided to go to the Lakers and play with Kobe, and that’s where is all went downhill.

He needs more numbers obviously, so he just needs to recruit Kobe to play for the Hornets. It is not that far fetched since Michael Jordan is a majority owners, and Kobe has idolized his whole career from MJ. Howard could easily do this, since the two of them clicked so much when Howard played in LA back in 2013. Charlotte would have to repay Dwight, and they could do that in the form of All-Star votes.


Kyrie Irving (BOS 802,834)

Kyrie has been playing like a man possessed this year, and he absolutely deserves to have all of these All-Star votes. I still think he is a “little kid” when it comes to the whole LeBron situation especially when he says things like “everyone forgot about me.”

Kyrie already says ridiculous things to the media, such as the whole world is flat thing. Even if he thinks that is true or not doesn’t matter, he caught everyone off guard with that hot take.

Kyrie can simply get back into the headlines by challenging John Wall to a 1v1. The battle between the two star point guards in the East needs to be settled because it has been an argument for way too long.

In 16 head-to-head matchups Kyrie has averaged 23 points, while Wall is averaging 21. The Washington point guard has the edge in assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals. It would be one for the ages, while also boosting both players’ votes.

DeMar DeRozan (TOR 259,368)

DeRozan needs to meet with Norm Kelly, a Canadian politician, who has an enormous following on Twitter. Get Norm to start tweeting about you and you’ll be a starter in the NBA All-Star game easily.

To take it a step further, Drake could help DeRozan by coming up with a new track just to get those numbers poppin’.

John Wall (WAS 175,990)

Wall is the best point guard in the East when he is fully healthy, no doubt about it. Wall does all of the gritty things for the Wizards that no other point guard can do as well as him, such as finding open players, playing defense, and blocking shots.

He hasn’t been healthy this year, so Wall has seen his numbers drop. He needs more 360 layups to garner more attention to himself. Wall has made such a play a few times, but none were more memorable than this ridiculous 360 layup against the Knicks on Christmas day in 2015.

Bradley Beal (WAS 71,079)

Bradley Beal deserves to be an All-Star ahead of Dwayne Wade and Isaiah Thomas! Beal even deserves to be ahead of John Wall.

Wade is only averaging 11 ppg and is coming off the bench for the Cavs. Thomas has only played in two games this year. Kyle Lowry is having a good year, putting up 16 points and seven assists, but not good enough to be ahead of Beal. Whoever voted these players deserves to re-evaluate themselves and decide if they should ever watch basketball again.

All Beal needs to do to solidify his place in the All-Star game is to adopt a live panda. Ever since Beal was drafted out of Florida in 2013, he has been referred to as the “panda,” so it only makes sense. Why not contact Desiigner and get a music video going as well? This plan could not go wrong.



Kevin Durant (GSW 767,402)

“The Snake” is having a great year in Golden State as he carried the load while Steph Curry and Draymond Green were injured.

Durant is averaging 25 ppg on 50 percent shooting on an average of 18 attempted shots. The votes could increase though, and what better way to do that than to create a huge wrestling match between him and DeMarcus Cousins?

The hate has been there since the two of them jawed on the court last month. If Durant wins, his numbers would hit the roof, but if he lost, the trolls would be all over his different Twitter accounts. It could possibly be a huge downfall for him, but could payoff in the end… if he wins.

Anthony Davis (NOP 393,000) & DeMarcus Cousins (NOP 356,340)

Boogie and the Brow have found out how to coexist on the floor together and that is good news for the Pelicans. Davis is averaging 25 ppg and 10 rpg while Cousins is averaging 26 ppg and 12 RPG.

Their next best player is Jrue Holiday and then Rajon Rondo, so obviously they are struggling. Either Davis or Cousins will most likely be traded at some point, whether it is before the trade deadline or after this year.

For now though, the two of them are focused on boosting their All-Star votes. Now, let me backtrack to the whole wrestling match between Cousins and Durant. What if Davis and Draymond Green joined in for a tag team event? It would be a win for everyone involved.


James Harden (HOU 602,040)

James Harden is one of the best players when it comes to finishing at the rim. He is also a magician when it comes to creating contact, with the ability to get nearly any call. Check out this call against Lakers rookie Josh Hart, my goodness.

Harden is behind Steph Curry in votes, but it will be easy to shoot ahead.. All he has to do is shave the beard he has had for years. Just post on Twitter the amount of retweets it will take to shave and the retweets will come pouring in. He just needs to throw the #NBAVote in the tweet and sit back and relax.

Russell Westbrook (OKC 438,469)

Russell Westbrook is still doing his thing, even with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony on his team. He is one of the most electric players in the NBA and can rise up above anybody. Brodie is still averaging 24 ppg, 10 ast & 9 rebs per game.

Even with nearly averaging a triple-double, Westbrook’s votes are still pretty low for a reigning-MVP. A rap battle with Joel Embiid can change that.

The last time the two teams met, Westbrook and Embiid got into it, especially in the post game presser when they were taking jabs at each other. The event would bring more votes to both players, as they are two of the best trash talkers in the NBA.

Lonzo Ball (LAL 120,817)

Lonzo Ball is averaging 10 ppg on 34 percent shooting, which is not very good! His play won’t get him to the All-Star game, but his dad sure is doing his best to get his son to stay in the Staples Center.

The Big Ballers need to host a 1-v-1, Lonzo vs. LaVar. With LaVar talking all that smack about being able to beat Michael Jordan, how about he tries to beat his own son first? When Lonzo beats down his dad, everyone will go crazy over it, and promptly vote Lonzo into the All-Star game.

Jimmy Butler (MIN 88,009)

Butler is averaging 21 ppg as one of the star players for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Over his last 10 games, Butler has been averaging 27 ppg on 50 percent shooting.

Butler needs to get to the All-Star game with those types of numbers. All he needs to do is get back onto the meme game. When Butler was in Chicago, his meme-able faces were all over social media, but now nothing. Do it for your sake Jimmy!


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.32.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.32.48 PM.png

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