If the Patriots rumors are true, who should go?

If the three really can't work together, who should stay and who should go?

By now most of you have probably read ESPN’s newest hit piece that focuses on a power problem going on internally with the New England Patriots. If you have not heard about this story, you are most likely living under a rock. That’s not good, but because I am so helpful, I will let you know that you can read it here.

A quick summary for those of you who don’t feel like reading anything else: the article explains how three of the most powerful men in sports – Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft – have been at odds with each other over the state of the franchise. With Brady’s age and the polarizing trade of future superstar Jimmy Garoppolo , the consensus is that these three won’t  be able to work together for much longer.

I am not here to give my take on whether I think this article is true or not and I am definitely not here to slander the Patriots because I do not need all that hate in my life. Simply putting it, it makes sense that a volatile relationship can form between three men with historic success and strong personalities. It will probably happen to Kevin, Noah and I in ten years once What the Sports goes big time (just kidding).

But I digress, if it is true that Belichick, Brady and Kraft can no longer work together, who should stay and who should go?

Tom Brady


Why he should go: Brady’s age is the main argument many give as to why it may be time for the GOAT to hang it up. He’s now into his 40’s and the signs that he is not a robot are beginning to show. Of course the MVP discussion still includes him, and there aren’t many others you’d want with two minutes left in the game. However, the only person who has come close to succeeding in their 40’s is Brett Favre playing in the Levi’s commercial. You can’t deny that Brady has looked less than stellar at times this season, and we just don’t know how much longer he can defeat father time.

The reason he has been able to beat the clock is because of his patented TB12 method, but this may also be the reason why he needs to go.

This way of life includes weird stretches and a lot of vegetables. Essentially, it’s the same routine as any mom going through a midlife crisis. The biggest problem with TB12 is his “trainer” Alex Guerrero. Guerrero is less about keeping Brady healthy and more about leading a cult. He’s become public enemy number one of head coach Bill Belichick and it has been reported that many players are not sure if they should trust this wizard or their normal team doctors. It’s clearly a problem in the locker room and a reason why the relationships have become so sour.

Guerrero may have helped Brady write a book and teach his mind how to not get a concussion, but he also may have helped Brady earn his way out of New England.

Why he should stay: He’s Tom Brady. The man is a living legend and a god in the New England area. It will be very hard for the Patriots to force him out before he is ready. Also, compared to a lot of the other quarterbacks in the NFL, Brady is still more than serviceable even as his age doubles that of some of the younger players in the league.

The main reason Brady should stay is because the Patriots really do not have another answer at quarterback. Garoppolo was clearly the future, but the trade (which many believe Brady wanted) puts Tom back in the driver’s seat. If you were the Patriots would you rather keep Brady for another year or risk it all with one of the QB’s in the draft? Not having Garoppolo makes taking some random prospect in the draft that Belichick doesn’t love seem like the opposite of the “Patriot Way”. Not to mention the fact that the better available passers like Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen won’t be available by the time the Pats are on the clock.

Even if one of those players were to fall to them, Bill Belichick would probably lose his mind within three hours of working with one of those QB’s because their personalities would destroy his emotionless mind. Therefore, it gives Brady an extended career.

Bill Belichick


Why he should go: There is no reason why this man should be the one to leave. Sure, his personality isn’t the greatest. But the Patriots without this man pulling the strings are not the same team. Yes having Tom Brady helps, but I am convinced that Bill could lead the Pats to a Super Bowl with me at quarterback and my hands cannot even fit around a standard sized football. If Belichick is leaving, it’s on his own terms with a press conference that probably will only consist of the words, “just focused on next week.”

Why he should stay: The man is a genius and may be the only person on this planet who could lead the Cleveland Browns to an 8-8 season, which is essentially like winning a Super Bowl in any other city. That’s all you need to know.

Robert Kraft


Why he should go: He’s just an owner. Obviously he is a good one and the Pats have greatly benefited from the moves he has made, but he just doesn’t seem as essential as the quarterback or the coach. Do the Pats still dominate with the other two and not Kraft? Probably, even though there may be some different uniform combinations or prices at the concession stand. Also, Kraft was an advocate for the Garoppolo trade so maybe some of his decisions aren’t the best anyways.

Why he should stay: What if the next owner is worse? What if he fires Belichick or wants Brady traded next? What if he wants to move the Patriots to Mexico? At least with Kraft the fans know what they are getting. He also was a huge defender of Belichick and Brady during Spygate and Deflategate, so his loyalty has made him a huge hit in New England. If one is willing to go against Goodell, he is essentially a Patriot for life.

I really hope none of them have to go. Whether we like it or not, the Patriots are good for football because every David needs a Goliath. If the big three does have to break up, at least we’ll know we are going to get an incredible 30 for 30 down the road.

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