The five worst things that can happen during this January transfer window

The worst possible occurrences of this year's January transfer window.

Winter has arrived. It is now almost five days into this year’s winter transfer window, and the internet is already being flooded with ridiculous transfer rumors describing horribly unrealistic possibilities. To honor another unnecessary January window, let’s go through the five worst things that can potentially happen over the next month.

  1. Superstar Transfer Rumors

Let’s get this straight right away: in this window, Gareth Bale is not going to Manchester United and Antoine Griezmann is not leaving Atletico Madrid. None of these big-name transfers will occur in January. However, despite this obvious truth, every soccer fan’s phone will be overrun with unrealistic rumors, claiming that Real Madrid has offered 150 million pounds plus Gareth Bale for Harry Kane. 


  1. China

Sadly, solid players moving to the Far East during recent transfer windows has become somewhat inevitable. In the past few years, European football has lost Hulk, Oscar, Alex Teixeira, and Ezequiel Lavezzi to China. Last year, Diego Costa and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang almost went to China as well. Hopefully, no more marquee talents will be tempted by ludacris sums of money being offered by Chinese clubs this time around so we never see them play on TV again.


  1. Manchester United Transfer Rumors

These rumors are the worst things that one can endure during a transfer window for multiple reasons. To begin with, they are horribly unrealistic; Manchester United cannot buy everybody. The money required to buy Griezmann, Bale, Dybala and Kroos (all players that have been rumored to United in the past year) is too much for any club. In addition, no one except for United fans wants to see “Park-The-Bus” Mourinho do anything well, even with his recent public statements of his desire to buy more players.


  1. Doing Too Little

When a team is in the midst of a downfall during the first half of the season, a solid boost during the winter window could be just what the doctor ordered. Making no moves at all could be a tremendously unproductive decision. Even if the transfer is for a player that most likely won’t start, some fresh faces in the locker room could change the course of a season. For example, last January, Everton purchased solid holding midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin and Manchester City purchased superstar striker Gabriel Jesus. We have even seen vital transfers occur in this transfer window, with Diego Costa finally being announced as an Atletico Madrid player for the second time. 


  1. Doing too much

There are not many worse things than when your club does way too much during a transfer window. We’ve seen a multitude of clubs sell multiple players in the hopes of a club revamp or some extra cash (ahem Monaco 2016-17). During these revamps, many clubs sell their best players or waste money on unneeded players. Chelsea did not need Danny Drinkwater, especially with their already stacked midfield, and Real Madrid obviously did not need Dani Ceballos. Although these busy transfer windows usually occur in the summer, overactivity from your favorite club is always something to look out for.


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