NFL Week 17 in GIFs

Playoffs are set!

The final week of the regular season is in the books. For some teams, the new year brings a new season – the playoffs. For others it brings a long offseason. Here is the Week 17 GIF review.

Green Bay vs. Detroit: Lions won 35-11:


It was a real struggle this season for the Packers.


Detroit missed the playoffs and the coaching staff got fired, but at least they finished the season on a high note with a win over a division rival.

Houston vs. Indianapolis: Colts won 22-13


With the Texans failing to miss the playoffs, is Bill O’Brien going to be fired?


The Chuck Pagano era in Indianapolis is officially over.

Chicago vs. Minnesota: Vikings won 23-10


Bears fans when they hear John Fox was canned.


Minnesota heads into the playoffs hot and has to be the team to beat in the NFC.

New York Jets vs. New England: Patriots won 26-6


If there is any GIF that more accurately describes the Jets season than Bryce Petty struggling to put his helmet on, I haven’t seen it.


Nothing new with the Patriots, just another win as they head into the playoffs as Super Bowl favorites.

Washington vs. New York Giants: Giants won 18-10


The Redskins were just a bad team and Jay Gruden should probably be fired.


After a tumultuous season, at least the Giants start the new year off right with a win.

Dallas vs. Philadelphia: Cowboys won 6-0


You read that right, the Eagles really just lost to the Cowboys. But hey, at least they go into the playoffs with the No. 1 seed in the NFC.


Everyone who watched this boring game.

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh: Steelers won 28-24


Because of Corey Coleman, the Browns will be able to hold their perfect season parade.


The Steelers beat the Browns with a bunch of backups playing. This adds further fuel to the “Alabama could beat the Browns” fire.

Carolina vs. Atlanta: Falcons won 22-10


Panthers had a chance to win the division and go into the playoffs on a winning streak, instead they did neither.


Atlanta got the job done and secured a playoff spot.

Kansas City vs. Denver: Chiefs won 27-24


He isn’t the only person that’s happy the Broncos miserable season has come to an end.


Patrick Mahomes showed some promise in his first career start.

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee: Titans won 15-10


Jacksonville may have lost, but former Terp big man Yannick Ngakoue scored a touchdown.


That playoff feeling.

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Rams: 49ers won 34-13


The Rams loss to the 49ers shouldn’t take away from what they were able to accomplish this season. They are dangerous team in the NFC.


One of these guys is undefeated this season, the other is Tom Brady. Seriously, Jimmy Garoppolo is 5-0 in starts this season for San Francisco.

Buffalo vs. Miami: Bills won 22-16


Miami is a mediocre team that actually had a chance to comeback and win this game, until a late interception.


No one circles the wagons quite like the Buffalo Bills, who are headed to the playoffs, ending the longest playoff drought across all major sports.

Oakland vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Chargers won 30-10


Oakland say hello to the new head coach of the Raiders. I hope Derek Carr knows how to run the Spider Y 2 Banana.


Chargers may have missed the playoffs, but you can’t fault Philip Rivers. He really put this team on his back and gave them a chance at the postseason.

Arizona vs. Seattle: Cardinals won 26-24


Someone better explain to Pete Carroll that the Seahawks missed the playoffs, because he doesn’t quite know what it’s like to not make the postseason.


Bruce Arians is retiring, but at least the Cardinals were able to send him out with a win over a division rival.

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay: Buccaneers won 31-24


Alvin Kamara had another big game against the Bucs. Kid is a stud. He is gonna be a big factor if the Saints are going to far in the postseason.


Tampa Bay’s season was pretty disappointing, but this exciting win to end the season is something to build on next season.

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore: Bengals won 31-27


Another gut-wrenching loss late in the season to eliminate the Ravens from the playoffs.


The Bengals should have lost this game. They were down by three late in the fourth quarter and scored on a 4th and 12. This win doesn’t do much for them, but it did help ensure that Marvin Lewis will be back as the Bengals head coach.







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