You’re living under a rock if you’re not paying attention to Trae Young

Trae Young has been a star in college basketball, and it's time you pay attention to him.

The most talked about college basketball player this season is not a Wildcat, Tar Heel, or Blue Devil. His name is Trae Young, and he’s making Oklahoma basketball must-watch television. This dude will pull up whenever and wherever he feels like it. He’s drawing comparisons to Steph Curry, the only other man with such a sensationally irresponsible shot selection. Check it out for yourself:

Coincidentally, he’s the first player since Curry to lead the NCAA in scoring and assists this far into an NCAA season. Not many people can put up a 2K statline half as good as what Trae Young is doing night after night. He’s averaging 28.7 points and 10.4 assists per game. He dropped 26 points and 22 assists against Northwestern State. He was the first player to record a statline like that in over 20 years. Against ranked teams Wichita State and USC, he put up 29 points in each matchup.

We have seen sensational shooters dominate college basketball like this before. Trae Young is keeping almost perfectly on pace with Steph Curry’s scoring in 2008-09. Not impressed? How about if I told you Young was averaging just 0.16 points per game less than Jimmer Fredette’s legendary 2010-11 season?

However, perhaps the most impressive part of Trae Young’s game is not his scoring, but rather his ability to help his teammates score. Averaging double-digit assists in a season is a rare feat that only five other NCAA players have achieved since 1985.

Thanks to Trae Young, Oklahoma has the highest scoring offense in college basketball. The Sooners are averaging 95 points per game, and Young is accountable for at least half of that. Everyone is impressed, including someone who knows a thing or two about dominating basketball at a young age.


I don’t know what this kid is going to do next, but you’re not going to want to miss it.

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