It’s time for LaVar Ball to settle his beefs on the court

Enough trash talking LaVar, it's time to put up or shut up.

Reports came out recently that LaVar Ball plans to start a league for young players who want to play basketball somewhere other than college. LaVar thought of this idea after having his two sons LiAngelo and LaMelo play professionally in Lithuania. For his outgoing personality and decisions such as this, the head of the Big Baller’s has received plenty of criticism.

Because of this, Lavar needs to create a league where he can silence his critics in numerous one-on-one matchups.

Matchup 1: LaVar Ball vs Charles Barkley

LaVar Ball has been successful in exactly what he wanted to do: promoting Big Baller Brand. Charles Barkley, always known for being extremely outspoken, has voiced his displeasure with the eldest Ball.

“He represents everything that’s bad about sports,” Barkley said on the Golic and Wingo Radio show. “He’s trying to make money on his kids.”

Ball disagrees, as he believes that growing the BBB is only helping his sons. Without the implementation of the brand, he doesn’t believe his sons would have received as much exposure. Barkley blames much of this exposure on the media, stating how they are providing Lavar a platform.

Barkley constantly goes back and forth with Shaq on Inside The NBA providing instant entertainment for everyone watching. This battle between Barkley and Ball should prove to be similar.


Matchup 2: LaVar Ball vs Donald Trump

Regardless of whether you believe Donald Trump had a role in LiAngelo Ball leaving China, it’s clear how LaVar feels about the situation. LaVar has been adamant that Trump had nothing to do with his son leaving China after the shoplifting charge. In a great back and forth interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, LaVar doubled down on his position arguing he had nothing to thank Trump for.

Trump clearly disagreed, tweeting his dismay on multiple occasions. He feels that LaVar is ungrateful for his efforts, and a simple thank you would suffice. Both men are known for having very strong opinions.

Neither man appears to be interested in changing their opinion, so it seems the only way to settle this argument is on the court.

Matchup 3: LaVar Ball vs Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is known for being one of the most outspoken sports journalists in the industry. His show First Take alongside Max Kellerman, featured an outstanding screaming match between Ball and Smith. Most of it consisted of Smith’s dismay for the high-priced BBB merchandise. LaVar defended the brand and its high prices, something he has done consistently ever since its launch.

LaVar Ball has shown on numerous occasions that he does not care how people react to what he says. When questioned about the high price of his merchandise, Lavar tweeted this in response.


In order for this debate to be solved, Smith needs to see the effects these products have during a game. LaVar needs to get decked out in his ZO2s and BBB shirt, justifying the expensive price tag associated with these products.

Matchup 4: LaVar Ball vs Luke Walton

Lonzo Ball has had some early season struggles, especially shooting the rock. LaVar has blamed Lonzo and the team’s struggles on coach Luke Walton. Walton ignored the criticism, but the Lakers front office asked Lavar to tone it down. There is only one way to settle this argument, an intense one-on-one battle.

Not shocking to many, LaVar feels as though he could do a better job coaching the Lakers than Walton. He has insisted ever since the season began that Lonzo could lead the Lakers to the playoffs. Through 28 games, it is not looking like Lavar’s preseason prediction is going to come true.

Walton is an NBA lifer and former assistant with the NBA-champion Golden State Warriors whose father is an NBA legend. Walton is trying to create the same championship pedigree in Los Angeles with the rebuilding Lakers.

The only way to truly determine who is a better fit for the Lakers coaching staff is on the court, where LaVar will try to prove his basketball talent and intelligence is superior to Walton’s.


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