NFL Week 14 in GIFs

Week 14 saw a player going after the fans, snow and more injuries.

A blizzard, injuries and upsets: week 14 had it all.

New Orleans vs. Atlanta: Falcons won 20-17


When you force Matt Ryan to throw 3 interceptions and you still lose.


Falcons dragging their playoff hopes out at least another week.

Indianapolis vs. Buffalo: Bills won 13-7


The Colts trying to find something positive to take away from their awful season.


When you win a game in the blizzard, celebratory snow angels are a must.

Chicago vs. Cincinnati: Bears won 33-7


Hey Marvin, you better get used to this, because you are going to be out of job come the end of the season.


The Bears are 3 for 3 vs. the AFC North so far this season.

Green Bay vs. Cleveland: Packers won 27-21 (OT)


Cleveland lost in the most Browns way possible.


When you manage to keep the team in the playoff hunt knowing that Aaron Rodgers is ready to take you to the playoffs.

Oakland vs. Kansas City: Chiefs won 26-15


The Raiders loss versus the division rival Chiefs puts their playoff chances in serious doubt.


Kansas City stays atop the AFC West after beating the Raiders.

Dallas vs. New York Giants: Cowboys won 30-10


You are looking at the man who has started 211 of the last 212 games (an absurd stat, but you can blame that on Ben McAdoo).


Cowboys kept their playoff hopes alive.

Detroit vs. Tampa Bay: Lions won 24-21


The Bucs are just a bad football team.


Detroit is still fighting hard for a wildcard spot.

Minnesota vs. Carolina: Panthers won 31-24


Another potential playoff matchup had the Panthers cool off the red hot Vikings.


Carolina is getting hot at just the right time after an inconsistent start.

San Francisco vs. Houston: 49ers won 26-16


The Texans stink, but this guy is a freaking beast.


ALERT: The 49ers have a multi-game winning streak going!

New York Jets vs. Denver: Broncos won 23-0


The Jets finally looked like they had a QB, but on Sunday McCown was lost for the rest of the season.


Broncos get back into the win column after eight straight losses.

Tennessee vs. Arizona: Cardinals won 12-7


Mike Mularkey is trying to figure out the Titans lost to a backup quarterback led Cardinals team.


Everyone who spent time and/or money watching this game.

Washington vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Chargers won 30-13


When someone says the Redskins are good.


The Rams aren’t the only LA team that wants a playoff berth. The Chargers are putting up a fight to get a Wild Card.

Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles Rams: Eagles won 43-35


Rams lost what could eventually be a playoff matchup. LA hopes next time will end in a different result.


Eagles may have won, but their path to the Super Bowl just got a lot harder with the season ending injury to Carson Wentz. Luckily, they have a solid backup in Nick Foles.

Seattle vs. Jacksonville: Jaguars won 30-24


Quinton Jefferson (#HeATerp) and the Seahawks were more worried about battling the fans than the Jaguars.


The Jags proved they are a legitimate playoff contender with their beatdown of the Seahawks.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh: Steelers won 39-38


The Ravens had a chance to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh but ended up flopping instead.


That AFC North Champs feeling.

New England vs. Miami: Dolphins won 27-20


Every Pats fan at the exact moment they realized the Pats were going to lose to the Dolphins.


Jay Cutler or Tom Brady?

These GIFs came from the NFL GIPHY page. 




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