Premier League legends that could save their former club’s season

These eight legends could save their former club's season with instant success.

With the 2017-2018 English Premiere League season already underway, fans have gotten plenty of glimpses of their favorite teams strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses in particular, are extremely frustrating for fans given that their favorite teams can not acquire players to fill their holes until January.  

However, what if each team was given an imaginary card that would grant them the ability to bring back a former player, so at least one weakness could be solved immediately?  Below, are eight Premier League teams that could definitely use a former player to slot into their weakness stricken lineup.

1.) Chelsea FC: Didier Drogba

With Diego Costa no longer an option for the Blues, Didier Drogba would slot right into the top of Chelsea’s lineup alongside Alvaro Morata.  Over the course of Drogba’s career, the Ivorian striker netted over 100 goals for Chelsea, won the Premier League four times and has a UEFA Champions League title to his name.  A prime Didier Drogba would do wonders for Chelsea and would cause mayhem amongst modern EPL defenses.  Although normally playing as the sole center forward, Drogba’s versatility would give him an easy adjustment to a two forward system when paired with Morata.

2.) Manchester United: Sir Bobby Charlton

Possibly Man U’s most loved club legend, Sir Bobby Charlton is exactly what the Red Devils need in their campaign for a league title.  Paul Pogba, who holds the record for Manchester United’s most expensive transfer fee, has been dealing with a hamstring injury since mid-September and has no official timetable for return.  Charlton, the former Ballon d’Or winner, would not only fill the hole in the Red Devils midfield, but he could also captain the team given his godly history at the club.   

3.) Liverpool FC: Jamie Carragher

Liverpool failed to sign Dutch center back Virgil Van Dijk over the summer, a move that would have strengthened their weak options in central defense.  Without Van Dijk, the Reds have limited options in Joel Matip, Dejan Lovren, and Ragnar Klavan. Matip has shown enough to be a starting CB for Jurgen Klopp’s side but Lovren and Klavan’s inconsistency has proved detrimental for the Liverpool defense and they have no place starting.

What would be ideal for Liverpool is their former rock in defense, Jamie Carragher.  Carragher, a one-club man, made 737 appearances for the Reds during his career and under Rafa Benitez’s guidance, thrived at CB.  Paired alongside of Joel Matip, Carragher could easily be what LFC need to chase their first title in the EPL era.    

4.) Arsenal FC: Patrick Vieira

Arsenal, arguably more than any other team in the Premier League, face a looming amount of uncertainty in their current squad.  Arsene Wenger has been on the hotseat for quite some time, especially at the end of last season due to the Gunners’ failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. In addition to Wenger’s woes, frequent rumors have been circulating that Arsenal stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil are reluctant to sign contract extensions with Arsenal and are seeking a move elsewhere.  To calm the minds of millions of Arsenal fans and solve a little bit of the Gunners’ uncertainty, Arsenal’s saving grace would be French midfielder Patrick Vieira.

During his career, Vieira was a rock in the Arsenal midfield and reeked havoc amongst Premier League opponents.  In addition, he would be a major upgrade over the likes of Xhaka and Coquelin. If a prime Patrick Vieira were to arrive at the Emirates, not only could fans let out a sigh of relief, but team morale would shoot up, possibly convincing Sanchez and Özil to sign new deals.  

5.) Manchester City: Colin Bell

City have been flying so far in the Premier League.  They sit comfortably at the top of the table and have shown little weaknesses in their 2017-2018 campaign.  However, if there was one spot in Pep Guardiola’s side that could use an upgrade, it would be in the City central midfield.  The City lineup is glistened with the likes of Belgian magician Kevin De Bruyne and Spanish maestro David Silva; however, Fabian Delph and Fernandinho lack the quality needed to make it at City.  

To replace Delph, Guardiola could slot in a prime Colin Bell.  Bell played for City during the 1960s and 1970s and during that time, he was adored by the City faithful.  He was the complete midfielder – a strong tackler and scored goals with ease.  With a prime Bell added to the City lineup, Pep Guardiola’s side would be almost guaranteed to hold up the Premier League trophy at the end of the season.   

6.) Newcastle United: Alan Shearer

Rafa Benitez has managed an impressive list of clubs in his career, including a six year stint at Liverpool where he helped the Reds lift the 2005 UEFA Champions League trophy.  Now managing the Magpies, Benitez could use some help to keep Newcastle above the relegation line.

The best way for Benitez to keep Newcastle in the Premier League is to sign the Magpies all-time leading goal scorer Alan Shearer.  In a Newcastle uniform, Shearer netted just under 150 goals for the club.  If brought back in his prime, Shearer could wreak havoc amongst defenders in the EPL.  

7.) Tottenham FC: Gareth Bale

With one of the best attacking forces in the Premier League highlighted by the likes of Harry Kane, Hueng-Min Son, Dele Alli, and Christian Eriksen, what more could Tottenham need in order to compete for a Premier League title?  The answer to that question is the Spurs’ former star Gareth Bale.  

Now a member of Real Madrid, Bale cemented his legacy in a Spurs kit, especially during his glorious efforts during the 2012/2013 season. Bale’s freakish acceleration and stamina on the pitch gives him the upperhand on virtually every opponent he faces.  However, injuries have left blemishes on the Welshman’s statistics.  During his career, he has frequently missed games for both Tottenham and Real Madrid.  If Mauricio Pochettino, the Spurs current manager, was blessed with a healthy Gareth Bale back in his prime form, the Spurs strike force would have unstoppable potential and could very well lift the EPL trophy.   

8.) West Ham United: Bobby Moore

So far in their 2017/2018 Premier League campaign, West Ham United has been having a season to forget.  Currently displaying relegation like-form, they have already fired their manager Slaven Bilić and replaced him with David Moyes.  

At this point in the season, West Ham have allowed in 32 goals, the most out of all 20 EPL teams.  What the Irons need right now is a strong defender and what better way to fill that need than with their former legend Bobby Moore?  Moore captained West Ham for 10 years and also captained England to victory in the 1966 World Cup.  Moore is often considered the best defender of all time, consistently displaying flawless tackling.  With a prime Bobby Moore again captaining the Irons, Moyes side may save themselves from relegation.

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