How to get fired as an NFL head coach: A guide from Ben McAdoo

Ben McAdoo's time in New York was rough, but he did lay down a blueprint for the best way to lose your job.

After weeks of begging, Giants fans got their wish – head coach Ben McAdoo has been fired. Even after making the playoffs in his first season, he was openly criticized for a failure to open up the offense. An offensive mind whose offense can’t score is not a good fit anywhere, much less in New York. For all those who hate their jobs, you’re in luck; McAdoo left behind a blueprint on how to get fired.

1. Upset the “Sports Pope”

The New York media is notorious for giving coaches and players a tough time when they don’t meet expectations. However, there is one man you do not want to tick off: Mike Francesa. After Odell Beckham’s antics last season, McAdoo and Francesa got into a heated argument that ended in McAdoo hanging up mid-interview, which made him appear weak.

2. Lose by 25 in a playoff game

The Giants playoff run last year didn’t last long after being blown out by the Packers, 38-13. The theme of the week preceding the game was the Miami boat trip the wide receivers took, all with McAdoo’s blessing. Regardless of whether it played a factor in the loss, it was in that moment that he appeared to lose control of his team.

3. Get upstaged by a kid

One of the best Giants highlights over the past year was the recurring appearance of Mini-McAdoo. A young Giants fan made waves over social media when he came to a game dressed as the head coach. However, after the real Ben McAdoo was exposed as a weak head coach, many called for the kid to take over. He probably couldn’t do much worse.

4. Change your hair in the offseason

He was Benny with the Good Hair for the Giants’ 2016 playoff run, but before 2017 began, he tried a little too hard to become a cool guy instead of keeping up his lovable loser image. The eventual downfall was right in front of our very eyes, from an oversized suit in the introductory press conference to shades and slicked-back hair.

5. Make a first-round draft pick contemplate leaving the team

Eli Apple was one of the more promising young players in the league after his rookie season but took a step back this season. Apparently, the environment McAdoo fostered almost drove him to walk out on the team. Not great!

6. Give this halftime speech

7. Suspend your best players

Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are the Giants’ two best defensive backs, and they were both suspended at different times throughout the season for “violating team rules.” Opposing teams subsequently threw all over the depleted defense. Coincidence? I think not.

8. Bench a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer for Geno Smith

Smith was a complete and utter disaster with the New York Jets, but the Giants signed him on a one-year deal to be a backup anyway. He’s a free agent after the season, so he won’t be part of the team’s plans for the future. However, McAdoo decided to start Smith over rookie Davis Webb in place of the two-time Super Bowl MVP.

9. Make your quarterback cry

After Eli’s surprising benching, reporters expectedly ambushed him at his locker to question him on the decision. Manning had difficulty hiding his emotions, which is shocking given Eli’s composed demeanor. Being able to make a player cry is a great thing to put on a résumé, but it costs you your job.

10. Let Mike Francesa destroy you on air

With just about three weeks remaining in Francesa’s legendary tenure with WFAN, Mike went into an all-time rant disparaging the efforts of the Giants’ regime under McAdoo and Jerry Reese. Once this happened, Ben had no chance at sticking around any further.

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