The real reasons why the Yankees hired Aaron Boone

The Yankees were much better than expected this season, which is why it was such a shocker when Joe Girardi was fired. In the weeks following the decision, there were numerous names thrown around, but it has been decided Aaron Boone will be the next Yankees manager. Boone, a former Yankee, was previously a member of the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast crew. Analyzing the situation further you can understand why Boone was the most attractive candidate of all the choices.

He worked for ESPN

If you are a frequent watcher of ESPN you know they love Lebron James and Aaron Judge. Much of the reason people do not like Aaron Judge is because of how much ESPN talked about him during this past season. Fans understand he is a freak of nature who hits mammoth home runs, but do not need to hear about him every second. Aaron Boone will fit perfectly into this culture.

As a manager, making the most of your young talent is extremely important. Boone has spent the past two seasons broadcasting numerous Yankee Games for Sunday Night Baseball. He was surrounded by employees who worshipped Aaron Judge, and will be expected to do the same as the Yankees skipper. Although he will only be in his second full season, Judge has quickly become the face of the franchise.

If Boone wants to keep Yankee fans happy, he will continue the culture established at ESPN that paints Aaron Judge as a prophet.

Anyone but A-ROD

The Yankees have finally managed to distance themselves from Alex Rodriguez. A-ROD was a great Yankee, but the steroid allegations tarnished his legacy. There were murmurs out there about a possible reunion with Rodriguez. His new girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, who is extremely popular in the Bronx, even took to Instagram to endorse her boyfriend as the next Yankees manager.

He has done an excellent job as a baseball analyst for FOX and should stick with that position. While the Yankees were looking for someone who had a link to the organization in the past, Rodriguez is not the answer.

Even though he is no longer associated with the team, his contract was so large the Yankees were still paying him until last season. It appears the Yanks have learned their lesson from that massive deal. Aaron Boone is only remembered by Yankee fans for positive things, not a whole steroid scandal.

Boone made the best of his time in New York, making him an attractive managerial candidate.

Clutch hitting in Game Seven

Although the Yankees exceeded expectations this season, the Game Seven loss to the Astros was extremely disappointing. They were unable to come up in the clutch in Houston, losing both Game Six and Seven due to an inability to score runs when it mattered. All the Yankees needed was one clutch hit to completely change the complexion of the series. Were the Yankees able to get those clutch hits, Joe Girardi could still be the manager.

That is in the past now and it is time for Aaron Boone to lead the Yankees past the ever-so-difficult Game Seven. Aaron Boone’s Game Seven walk-off home run against the Red Sox is one of the moments that makes October baseball so great in the Bronx. Boone did not contribute very much during his time with Yankees, but hit a bomb off of Tim Wakefield when it counted. Having gotten it done in the clutch before, Boone can help the Yankee hitters perform when it matters most hopefully bringing back a 28th World Series to the Big Apple.

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