What every NFL team is thankful for

Arizona Cardinals


Thankful for Larry Fitzgerald and his 3-Acre hands.

Atlanta Falcons

Robert Alford

Thankful for the first half of Super Bowl LI.

Baltimore Ravens


Thankful that they are not hearing anymore talk of Joe Flacco being “elite.”

Buffalo Bills


Thankful that Tyrod Taylor is still willing to play quarterback for them.

Carolina Panthers

Newton stupid hat.jpeg

Thankful that they aren’t held responsible for Cam Newton’s clothes.

Chicago Bears

Super bowl shuffle

Thankful for the Da ‘85 Bears.

Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals browns.jpg

Thankful for the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland Browns

Cavs parade.jpg

Thankful that LeBron James is back in Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys


Thankful for the complex and confusing legal process of appealing NFL suspensions that kept Ezekiel Elliott eligible for most of the season.

Denver Broncos


Thankful they got a bargain QB like Brock Osweiler instead of shelling out huge money for a free-agent QB like Brock Osweiler.

Detroit Lions


Thankful their job allows them to travel.

Green Bay Packers

Hurt rodgers.jpeg

Thankful that next year is only a year away.

Houston Texans

Hurt watt.jpeg

Thankful for JJ Wa… I mean Deshaun Watson… Thankful for modern medicine.

Indianapolis Colts


Thankful that Andrew Luck is still alive at least.

Jacksonville Jaguars


Thankful that they get to play the Texans and Colts for a quarter of their games.

Kansas City Chiefs


Thankful people stopped paying attention to them when they were still good.   

Los Angeles Chargers

Empty chargers.jpg

Thankful that no one is there to watch them “play football.”

Los Angeles Rams


Thankful that their coach is able to cut Chemistry class to get to practice.

Miami Dolphins

U Chain.jpg

Thankful that “The U” is back.

Minnesota Vikings


Thankful that Teddy Bridgewater is almost back.

New England Patriots

Brady sox.jpeg

Thankful for Tom Brady.

New Orleans Saints


Thankful people have forgotten about Bountygate (remember Bountygate?)

New York Giants

Jets suck.jpeg

Thankful they aren’t the Jets.

New York Jets

Sad giants.jpeg

Thankful that they aren’t the Giants.

Oakland Raiders


Thankful that they can be this bad and be in second place in the AFC West.

Philadelphia Eagles

at AT&T Stadium on November 19, 2017 in Arlington, Texas.
Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Thankful for Sashi Brown and the Cleveland Browns.

Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC north.jpeg

Thankful for the AFC North.

San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy g.jpg

Thankful for Jimmy Garoppolo’s chiseled jawline.

Seattle Seahawks

Fail mary.jpeg

Thankful for replacement refs (still).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Thankful that Jon Gruden finally forgot all the door codes.

Tennessee Titans

AFC south.jpeg

Thankful for the AFC South.

Washington Redskins

Redskins protest.jpeg

Thankful for the short news cycle.

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