NBA Slam “Dunk” Poetry

Now let’s talk about the NBA

So far we’ve seen some really good play


Focus in on a team like the Bucks

Finally Eric Bledsoe is on a team that doesn’t suck

He’s with a star named Giannis Antetokounmpo

And all it took was trading Greg Monroe


The Sixers got talent

That’s clearly a fact

Health remains the question

But Embiid “isn’t made of glass”


Hold Detroit and Orlando out of the mix

And don’t even worry about a team like the Knicks


Now onto the Western Conference, the Jazz need some help

We could see a team like New Orleans start to sell

Even with Boogie and Davis, two of the best centers in the league

They won’t even get past T-Wolves whose starting point guard is Jeff Teague


But the T-Wolves are legit contenders

You know Tom Thibodeau will make them good defenders

Jimmy buckets, Wiggins and Kat,

Veterans like Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford still taking it to the rack

Denver, Portland and OKC still working things out

Creating the chemistry is what it’s all about


But does it all matter, or are we wasting our time?

Who cares about a team marginally improving and making the climb?

When it’s all said and done we know who’s the best

Warriors will win again, there ain’t no real test


Because the Cavs can’t matchup and the Wizards don’t have the depth

The Spurs and the Celtics don’t have the muscle to rebound and that won’t connect

Maybe a team like the Rockets could surprise us all

A little bit of defense from Harden and my man Chris Paul


But it’s all about Steph, KD and Klay

Warriors will be back to back champs at the end of the day…


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