What the Sports happened to the Rams?

Last year the Rams were 4-12, this year they are 7-2. So what caused this huge turnaround?

The last time that the Rams had seven or more wins through their first nine games of a season was in 2001. In 2001 their current head coach, Sean McVay, was just 15 years old and a high schooler.

The Rams turnaround has been one of the biggest stories of the NFL season. This weekend, the Los Angeles Rams will face off against the Minnesota Vikings, with both teams sitting at 7-2.

So after an abysmal 4-12 team last season, what has propelled LA to becoming one of the best teams in the NFL this season? Logically you’d think it was a change in coaching mixed with their offseason acquisitions of Robert Woods, Andrew Whitworth, Sammy Watkins and others. However, thinking logically isn’t fun, so here are some wacky theories as to why the Rams are all of a sudden a dominant NFL team.

The Monstars stole Jared Goff’s talent last year

In his rookie season last year, No. 1 draft pick Jared Goff struggled. In just seven games he threw for 1,089 yards and five touchdowns, while only completing 54.6 percent of his passes and throwing seven interceptions. This year, Goff has been a pro-bowl level quarterback, throwing for 2,385 yards and 16 touchdowns through the first nine games, while only throwing four interceptions.

So, why is Goff so good all of a sudden? The Monstars clearly stole his talent last year.


In his three years as a starter in college, Goff racked up 12,195 yards, 96 touchdowns and only 30 interceptions. Impressive, right? Well, those stats got the Rams to trade up for the first pick and select Goff. Clearly, the Monstars were at the 2016 NFL Draft, and took the talent of the first overall pick in order to beat the Looney Tunes in a game of football. Obviously, the Tunes won the game and ordered the Monstars to return the talent.

The Rams used Aaron Donald’s future contract money for steroids

This summer, the Rams’ star defensive lineman Aaron Donald was holding out for a new contract. Donald never did receive that new contract, but he still returned to the team and only missed the first game of the season. With Donald never receiving that big new contract it begs the question: why didn’t the Rams pay up to re-sign their two time All-Pro player?

Well, it’s because they don’t have the money anymore. Rather, they spent it all on steroids to improve their players.

How else would Robert Woods go from being an average wideout for the Bills, to becoming a star level receiver for the Rams? How else would Todd Gurley go from averaging a measly 3.2 yards per carry, to nearly leading the league in all-purpose yards? Obviously, the Rams bought steroids for their players, instead of giving Aaron Donald a lot of money.

Stan Kroenke paid out the other owners

Rams Owner Stan Kroenke is worth upwards of $7.6 billion, making him the second richest NFL owner behind Paul Allen of the Seahawks. Clearly, Kroenke has paid out his fellow owners in order for the Ram’s to succeed. Kroenke owns a multitude of professional sports teams, all of which have had their recent struggles. With the Rams new stadium being built in Inglewood, Kroenke needed the Rams to be his successful team.

Also, one of the Rams two losses on the season came against the Seahawks, so it is clear that Kroenke didn’t try to persuade the one owner richer than him.


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