Fixing Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball's NBA career has not gotten off to the best start, so what steps should he take to turn it around?

Many expected Los Angeles Lakers’ rookie guard Lonzo Ball to make an immediate impact in the NBA, but to this point in the season he has been a tremendous disappointment. Ball has struggled to adapt to the NBA and was even benched for the entire fourth quarter in a recent game against the Sixers. There are some definite adjustments that Lonzo needs to make if he wants to be a superstar talent in the NBA.  

Wear a Mask

We have seen many NBA players suffer brutal injuries to their faces throughout an NBA season.  These facial injuries cause players to wear masks. Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook and many more have all worn a mask at some point in their career.  These players averaged a combined 39 points per game while wearing a clear or dark mask. To compare, Lonzo’s averaging only a dreadful nine points per game. Why not try and be the next Richard Hamilton, Lonzo? Rip Hamilton made the mask famous, now Lonzo can make it a fashion statement.  

Soon all kids around the world will be buying masks and wanting to be like Lonzo.  Perhaps the mask will even help Lonzo block out his father’s ridiculously hilarious claims and actually allow him to focus on basketball.

Find a Jump Shot

The biggest knock on Lonzo Ball coming out of college, other than his father, was his awkward shooting motion.  Lonzo’s shooting motion is  one of a kind as his shot almost looks as if it comes out of his hands sideways. This shot has unfortunately not been working so far at the NBA level. We have seen tons of athletes come into the NBA missing a jump shot and be able to fix their form. Ball should try and do the same thing.

However, Ball has to be really careful when fixing his shot. We have already seen one rookie this year try and fix his shot in Markelle Fultz and he is struggling to even get on the court. Head Coach Luke Walton shot around 36 percent from the three point line in his 11-year NBA career, so Lonzo may be in some good hands.

Less “Swag”

Does anybody actually see how many accessories Lonzo wears while he plays? Ball has more accessories on than Quavo. It is quite possible he is being held back by the weight of all these shooter sleeves. Everybody remembers that expression when we were younger that said “dress for success,” so in this case Lonzo should dress exactly like Lebron James. “The King” only sports one shooter sleeve along with a headband once and awhile, keeping it nice and simple. Lonzo may get a little bit of heat for this move, but if he averages 28.3 points per game like Lebron does, everybody will soon forget what you wear. If Lonzo doesn’t change the way that he dresses, then the Lakers are in big trouble for the rest of the season.  

Cheaper Shoes

The BBB, also know as the Big Baller Brand, is the company that Lonzo’s father Lavar started.  Lonzo chose BBB to be his shoe company that he would roll into the NBA with. Many people were shocked at Lonzo’s decision to choose BBB over Nike and Under Armour among others. To this point, The BBB shoes have obviously not worked out for Lonzo.

Lonzo needs a type of shoe that will make him shoot like Curry, dunk like Lebron and run like Westbrook. That shoe is the same shoe that was featured in the movie Like Mike. With these shoes, Lonzo would not be stopped. The shoes  are also way more valuable than the 400 dollar shoes that Lonzo is currently wearing.  Making this change will propel the Lakers into a Western Conference playoff team.     


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