Are more NFL fights on the horizon?

Two weeks ago was uncharted territory with two major fights, in the NFL, could we see more of this the rest of the season?

The NFL has so much, yet it is missing one thing: fights.

During NFL Week 10, there were two notable fights that shocked NFL fans around the world. These players surprised everyone turning the gridiron to a WWE ring.

The first was between Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans, when Evans blasted Lattimore for lightly shoving Jameis Winston. The great battle between Green and Ramsey was the first real right since the battle of Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan.

People can talk all about how WWE is fake, but it seems other professional athletes are beginning to use some of their moves. Maybe next week we will see a nice RKO or clothesline come out of nowhere.


With all the fatigue, losing, fan frustration and more that has been prevalent in the NFL this season, there may be more fights on the way.

Ben McAdoo vs. the “anonymous players”

One fight that could be on the horizon is Ben McAdoo against those anonymous players who called him out. It’s the ideal time for this to happen after losses to the Rams by 34 and the 49ers by 10. He has clearly lost the respect of the players, which means it is now time for them to knock some sense into him.

Now that we know McAdoo is staying at least for the rest of this year, these players might feel the need to get him out earlier. That would be quite the storyline, two players take on their coach in a two on one handicap match.

Truthfully, the Giants really cannot reach a lower point than they already are. Maybe a good old-fashioned fist fight is the answer to this team’s problems.


Julio Jones vs Steve Sarkisian

All of Julio Jones fantasy owners are asking, “where has he been this year?” Jones, one of the top wide receivers the past few years, has really underperformed this year. Through nine games of the season, Julio only has one touchdown catch when he completely tossed Malcolm Butler.

Everyone has been trying to figure out who to blame, and it is offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

As an offensive coordinator, when you have such a talented weapon like Julio Jones why would you not throw him the ball as much as possible? He is a massive 6-foot-3, 220 pound receiver who can outjump just about any corner in the NFL. Julio carved up the Panthers secondary so badly last season, they cut one of their corners after his 300 yard performance.

At this point it seems like Julio’s only option is to battle it out with his offensive coordinator. When Sarkisian sees firsthand how physically gifted Julio is, he should know to get him the ball more. The fantasy playoffs are coming up soon fans, so if this fight happens it must be done sooner rather than later.

Tyrod Taylor vs Sean McDermott

Tyrod Taylor, or “Tygod” as some fantasy owners like to call him, is one of the biggest threats to run at his position. While Tyrod is not the most accurate passer, his running ability makes him a unique talent in today’s NFL.

Sean McDermott is a defensive minded coach, which means he should understand just how tough it is to stop a mobile quarterback. Shockingly McDermott does not agree, deciding to bench Tyrod this week for rookie Nathan Peterman out of Pittsburgh. Peterman did a good job in last week’s game- when the Saints destroyed the Bills.

Although Tyrod is a free agent after this season, he may need to knock some sense into his coach if he wants to play at all the rest of this season. With Taylor’s speed, he would run circles around Coach McDermott,toying with him in a fight. After running around him for a while, he could get some good punches in there to knock some sense into the first year head coach.

It is okay Tyrod if you cannot knock some sense into him, plenty of other teams will welcome your running ability and will cash that into a big contract this offseason.

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