NHL Vintage Rink auctioned off…what weird memorabilia could be next?

What weird items will be auctioned off next?

Photo courtesy of Goldin Auctions. 

Recently, as reported by ESPN, a vintage New York Rangers rink sold at auction for $49,100. That’s right, $49,100.

The rink was used by the Rangers from 1991-2013 in Madison Square Garden. The lot includes the dasher boards, plexiglass, benches, goals and nets. The rink includes autographs from members of the 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup Championship team including Mark Messier.

That team was the last Rangers squad to win a championship, and also a team that ended a 54-year championship drought, so it’s not surprising that a hockey fan wants a unique piece of history, like a whole hockey rink. But this got us thinking, what other crazy pieces of, let’s call it memorabilia, could be auctioned off at a high price?


A lock of Jaromir Jagr’s hair

Jaromir Jagr is a legend, but not as legendary as his flow. This future Hall of Famer will go down as one of the best goal scorers ever. He may change teams frequently, but no matter what city he makes a stop in, the flow is constant. So a small piece of his hair would definitely draw a large crowd and go for a good chunk of change.

A tooth


Many players have lost teeth during a game. A lot of them look at it as a part of the game and a symbol of how tough they are. Maybe the most notable current player who is missing teeth is San Jose defenseman Brent Burns. Burns is currently missing three of his top front teeth, with a fourth tooth “hanging on by a thread”. If and when another tooth falls out, a fan of grittiness would love to buy the knocked out tooth.





A Pair of Sidney Crosby’s pants.

As the story goes, Sidney Crosby’s legs are so big they don’t fit into regular sized pants. So he has every pair of pants custom tailored to fit him, as reported by the Montreal Gazette. I would be willing to say that there is a superfan out there that would pay big money to get “Sid the Kid’s” pants.

Think we missed something? Tell us what other weird pieces of hockey memorabilia you think would be auctioned for a lot of money on Twitter @realwtsports or in the comments section.

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