Things LeBron James is also king of

LeBron James hates the New York Knicks for some reason even though the Knicks have basically been irrelevant since he has been in the league. Maybe it’s because Phil Jackson treated his friend Carmelo Anthony horribly, but James has had problems with the Mecca long before that, scoring 50 and 52 in back-to-back appearances during his first stint with the Cavs.

Does LeBron just love the New York spotlight? He did wear that Yankee hat to an Indians playoff game.


While LeBron has clearly dominated in New York, it’s not the only thing he’s owned during his 15 year career.


James has mastered subtweeting just like he has mastered the game of basketball. The King knows how to keep Dan Gilbert and his teammates on their toes just by firing off a silly Arthur meme. James knows how to create beef and always stay in the headlines, even when the Golden State Warriors are winning a record 73 times in a single season.


LeBron always has the “don’t fit out, fit in” card in his pocket and is not afraid to use it if the Cavs continue to struggle.

Not posting up J.J. Barrea

James promised not one, not two, not three… and so on rings to the Miami Heat “faithful” in 2011 when he decided to abandon his hometown before kneeling and kissing the rings of Gordon Gekko, I mean Pat Riley.

Maybe James had a point that he had a better shot of winning his first ring with Dwayne Wade at shooting guard opposed to Sasha Pavlovic, but James could not deliver when it mattered most.

Image result for lebron james jj barea


In the 2011 NBA Finals James had a horrendous Game 4, scoring just eight points, as the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in six games. A big reason he struggled was that the 6-foot-8-inch and 250 pound James was afraid to post up 6 foot 185 pound journeyman JJ Barea.

A lot of NBA players have mastered the post game, including James. However, James is the first to be afraid to post up Barea.

Running NBA franchises into the ground

A lot of jokes have been made since James has returned to Cleveland that he is both the head coach and general manager of the team. Sure, the Cavs made three straight finals, but I don’t think James has gotten the credit he deserves.

As a coach, James gets his team to give effort once a week and they do not have a brilliant offensive system that rivals other championship contenders like the Golden State Warriors.

Instead, James likes to run a high pick and roll or get the ball in the post and kick it to an open shooter on the weak side. This system only works when the greatest player of all time is in the game, so when James is on the bench, the Cavs are a complete dumpster fire.

James the GM has no regard for the future when making trades and has sent out every first-round pick that the Cavs could since he has returned. Sure, James wonders why the Cavs have failed to get younger and better over the past four years, but it clearly has nothing to do with trading two first rounders for Timofey Mozgov and another for Channing Frye.

Ask Miami what they think of GM LeBron and how well the Shabazz Napier pick has turned out.

If your team has no regard for the future or sustainable success, James is the king of wasting assets and is your man.

Regrowing his hairline

This is LeBron in 2014.
Image result for lebron hair heat

This is LeBron in 2015.
Image result for trainwreck lebron

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