Are we supposed to love or hate this Cavs team?

So what’s it going to be guys? Are we hating or are we loving this Cleveland team?

Listen, I know the last thing our beloved readers want is more Cleveland talk. Nothing against the city, but our boy Noah churns out enough Cleveland talk/content that I basically feel like I am a Cleveland sports fan.

Luckily, I am not (this is just an insult that hopefully Noah will see and get angry about). However, I feel that myself, along with plenty of others who follow the NBA in some sort of way, have been faced with a dilemma that is becoming more and more prevalent each day.

Are supposed to love or hate this Cavs team?

We’ve all seen what the Cavs are about this year. Pettiness, lack of effort and an insane amount of trolling has the Cavs in the headlines almost everyday. Just in the past week they have ridden the subway as basically a publicity stunt, brought back the Arthur meme from the dead and got into a fight with the Knicks. THE KNICKS.

Unless you’re a Celtics fan, you probably never really had a problem with them and may have even cheered them on when they took on the Warriors. That’s basically how I felt and whatever I say goes so I’m just assuming everyone else felt that way too. But now with everything they are doing, I find myself constantly questioning if I like this team or not.

Why we should love them:

They have LeBron

Are we really going to hate on a team that has the greatest athlete of our generation playing for them? Sure you can love to hate LeBron and everything he stands for because you’re jealous, but deep down we both know you love watching that man dominate on the court. Next time you think about hating the Cavs because they have LeBron just remember two key things. One, you’re hating because you ain’t him and two, he’s a father of three so be nice.


They are cocky

The NBA is the greatest reality television show the world has to offer. Without the drama, it would just be a bunch of boring games that do not matter. The Cavs fit right in because they are just such a cocky team. They lost to the NEW YORK KNICKS and yet they still believe they are the best team in 2017, when they would actually be the best team in 2012 with a roster consisting of player like D-Rose and Dwyane Wade. I get that people hate teams that are cocky, but you kind of have to respect the fact that the Cavs have an insane amount of confidence. It makes the NBA better.

The memes

Everyone loves memes and the Cavs do memes better than any other team (because they are basically the only team that does memes). Sure the Arthur meme is like a year old, but the fact that the entire roster posted it on  Instagram is just something us memers really have to love.

Why we should hate them:

They don’t care

I get that they think they are a good team and don’t have to try, but come on. People already complain that the NBA regular season doesn’t matter and they are just making it worse. Incase you didn’t hear me the first time, they lost to the NEW YORK KNICKS. They also lost to the Hawks, who basically have a G-League team as their lineup. I know that at the end of the year they’ll be in the playoffs and this is a way to rest their players, but just show some effort for the damn fans. How are you supposed to grow the game of basketball when people come to see LeBron and end up watching Jeff Green and Channing Frye instead?

They’re fake

I don’t care what Noah tries to brainwash you all into thinking, I am super woke on this. LeBron’s wine nights with the team? Fake. Out to dinner with La Familia? Fake. Reading the Godfather? Fake. Taking the subway because it’s faster? SO FAKE. Must I go on? I don’t doubt that the Cavs are friends but I also don’t doubt that what we see all over social media is  a publicity stunt. LeBron’s image is super important to him and I just don’t think this team is really 15 BFF’s having sleepovers every single night. Also, LeBron is going to leave them in less than a year and break all their hearts. I’m just stating the truth.

So what’s it going to be guys? Are we hating or are we loving this Cleveland team? Let me know what you all think so we can start buying or burning some LeBron jerseys as soon as possible.

1 comment on “Are we supposed to love or hate this Cavs team?

  1. warningtrack

    We LOVE the Cavs! And yes they are 15 BFFs hanging out and having sleepovers! And none of those fake things that you said are fake, are actually fake.


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