The Ligue 1 All-Stars

The second installment of the all star teams for the world's top leagues.

Base Formation: 4-2-3-1

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 4.22.30 PM


Neymar: Neymar plays left winger, as he does for PSG. Although he flops more than a fish out of water and takes crazy amounts of unnecessary touches, he is a top three player in the world who possesses otherworldly pace and dribbling skills.

Cavani: Cavani will spearhead the attack as a lone striker. He is strong, pacy and possesses flowing locks that make Goldilocks jealous. Hopefully, no passive-aggressive teammate feuds with Neymar will arise from disputes over penalty duties on this all-star club.

Angel Di Maria: Angel Di Maria, the mercurial, large-nosed Argentinian forward, will occupy the central attacking midfield role directly behind Cavani. With all the scoring talent present on the team, Di Maria provides a creative, pass-first attacking presence.

Thomas Lemar: Thomas Lemar will play the attacking right midfield position. Skeptics will critique this decision, however, this underrated French prodigy scored 14 goals and recorded 17 assists in a total of 31 games last year.



Marco Verratti: Verratti has made a name for himself as a magnificent defender, dribbler, and passer. He is coveted by top-tier clubs all over the world, despite the fact that he looks like he recently celebrated his ninth birthday.

Fabinho: Fabinho is one of many talented and bald Brazilian midfielders. He is excellent at defense and marking, and has a powerful right boot. He brings a defensive mindset that will allow the more attacking-minded players to push forward.



Kurzawa/Meunier: Kurzawa and Meunier are both talented defenders, with attack-minded overlapping capabilities. Their movements up the flanks will allow Neymar and Lemar to make their way to the center of the field and get into scoring position.

Marquinhos, Thiago Silva: The duo of Silva and Marquinhos band together in the center of the backline to create a fearsome Brazilian wall, standing tall against opposing forwards.

Subasic: Basically the only consistent goalie in all of Ligue One, Subasic plays keeper for this club.



Radamel Falcao: Falcao, or “El Tigre” (coolest nickname in soccer) acts as this second unit’s offensive powerhouse. Falcao is extremely clinical and skillful and can provide a quick goal when necessary.

Kylian Mbappe: Mbappe is an amazingly talented Golden Boy who is coveted by all top-tier European sides. His blistering pace makes him a useful supersub.giphy

Kamil Glik: This ginormous Pollack is a strong and fundamentally sound defender. He is defensive reinforcer off the bench for the Ligue One all-stars.

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