What the Sports was LiAngelo thinking?

LiAngelo Ball has been caught shoplifting and there may be more to the story.

Photo courtesy of Josh Lefkowitz

LiAngelo Ball, the middle child in the family of ‘Big Ballers,’ was just arrested for shoplifting just days before his UCLA career started.

Whenever the Ball children have been in the news, it has mainly been because of his their father, Lavar. One has to assume Lavar will soon make headlines with his response to this incident.

While that is a statement we can’t wait to hear, we are curious why LiAngelo shoplifted in the first place.

Faulty Big Baller Brand

Being forced to wear just one brand must take a toll on you. LiAngelo might have just wanted to put on some Nike or Adidas, a cardinal sin in the Ball household.

Lavar: “I… I…uh..I just don’t know what to say. I AM LETTING YOU BE A BIG BALLER. YOU AIN’T EVEN A MEDIUM BALLER.”

Pork Dumplings

Similar to Jameis Winston stealing crab legs, a very well-known athlete may just want some free food. And being in China, the dumplings must be amazing.

Lavar: “I have no problem with that. Stealing quality cuisine like that is worth the risk.”

Big Bengals fan

The middle Ball brother does not get the attention as the others and is viewed as not having the skill set they do. Maybe he wants to try his way with football, as he is an athletic 6 feet 5 inches tall. This action of stealing would fit perfectly with the Bengals who have plenty of players with sketchy pasts.

Lavar: “You weren’t making it to the NBA anyway. I’m too busy teaching LaMelo to worry about this.”

1 comment on “What the Sports was LiAngelo thinking?

  1. warningtrack

    would be funny if it weren’t true! I find myself saying that a lot lately.


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