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Inside the mind of a die-hard fan

Loyalty, passion and maybe even some tears. This is what it means to be a die-hard fan.

Regardless of your favorite sport, every fan has that team that draws their attention for every game. For some fans it is three hours every Sunday, while for others it’s multiple games throughout the week.

People who do not watch sports often consider these types of people to be crazy.

Here is a look inside the mind of what many would consider a “crazy” sports fan.

Indescribable Happiness

While watching your team have success is much more rare for a Browns fan than a Patriots fan, there is no better feeling than to see your team win the championship.

Drought of 108 and 64 years without winning a championship weeds out all the bad fans and leaves only the true ones. You can ask any real Cubs or Cavs fan if you want to know what this amazing happiness feels like.


A Part of the Team

Everyone knows that one friend who always says “we” when discussing their favorite team. People get so invested in their team that it feels as if they’re on the field battling it out for the win.

Usually when someone says “we,” people get extremely frustrated and give the sarcastic response, “Are you on the team?” Fans want to feel like they’re contributing to the team and buying apparel is often not enough.


Smarter than the Coach

When teams are not executing, it is easy to blame the coach for not preparing the players well enough. Fans try to coach the games from their couches and always think they know better.

These rants come in many variations. Some decide to just scream in anger at the television while others take to Twitter to voice their anger. Usually those who scream at the T.V. are looked down upon by those around them as crazy.

Terrible Referees

We have all been at a sporting event when the referee makes a terrible call and the whole crowd unites against them. Even the most sober fans, at home or in the stadium, will curse at the officials.

Cursing at a television might seem crazy, but is a necessary outlet of frustration for fans who feel just like Brock Lesnar here.


The Gambler

There is usually a weekly Draftkings or Fanduel player in every squad of sports fans. There are daily fantasy options for every single professional sport and some people invest money on these sites, making every play crucial.

Not only does it matter when the games are close, but a late garbage time touchdown can be the difference between being in the positive and negative.

Next time you want to judge a sports fan, just keep in mind there are methods to their madness and that anger and passion is usually warranted.

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