The Real Reasons Andrew Luck is Not Playing

A real disappointing season for the Indianapolis Colts continued  as fans received news that their star quarterback Andrew Luck will be held out a little longer from returning to the team. Luck is still being held out of practice because his throwing shoulder is “still experiencing pain.” Luck was expected to hopefully return this year, but with the continuous setbacks, he looks like he will be unable to play in any games during the 2017-2018 season. However, there are several reasons as to why Luck is holding back and does not want to go out and play football this year for the Indianapolis Colts.

Chuck Pagano is still the coach

It is expected that a new head coach will be set to take over for the Colts as Chuck Pagano is at the helm of yet another terrible season. With a new coach who could possibly bring in a new offense to the Colts, it would be unwise for Luck to force himself back so quickly just to play in an offense that could be gone in another year.

Luck has also continually been put into situations where the Colts offensive line cannot block a soul. The Colts seemed to always be a team with the most sacks given up when Luck was at quarterback. From 2014-2016, the Colts were in the top 5 in hits given up to their starting quarterback. No wonder Luck was unable to last a whole season in Indianapolis. It is on the head coach to protect their franchise quarterback and Pagano has been unable to do that. Do not forget that Chuck Pagano was the guy with that ridiculous fake punt idea that we love to show. Maybe the Colts should look at another Chuck for their head coaching vacancy.

The Offensive Line is still terrible

It is incredible to believe that Jacoby Brissett is still standing after the beating he takes week in and week out. The Colts are first in the NFL in hits given up to opposing defenses on their quarterback and also first in the league in sacks given up. Andrew Luck must be absolutely afraid of these statistics. The Colts would be insane to put Luck into this bad of an offensive line situation.

How is it possible that the Colts have had Andrew Luck for five years now and they still have just as bad of an offensive line as they did when he got drafted in 2012? Luck needs to go right up to Jim Irsay and tell him that he needs to fix this ongoing problem or he may never be able to play more than three games again.  

The Season is already over

The bottom line is that the Colts season is already over.  With the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the Colts fall to an atrocious 2-6 record. The Colts would have to win seven of the eight remaining games on their schedule to even have a shot at the wildcard or maybe even their horrid division of the Jags, Titans, and Texans.

The Colts schedule also has them taking on the defensive fronts of the Steelers, Jaguars, Texans, Bills, Broncos, and Ravens. That schedule is not looking like it includes many wins even with Luck at quarterback. The extra time will hopefully let Luck prepare for a rebound 2018-2019 campaign and will also help his beard grow into prime condition.  

Luck is Scared

Similar to the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, maybe Andrew Luck actually believes that he cannot use his legs anymore and he thinks that his playing days are over. If this is the truth, then the Colts should not be worried too much about Luck’s future because he should have a bounce back season like Ricky Bobby did in the movie. Luck may not even be hurt at all. Sure it is being reported that he is still suffering arm pain, but if you are Luck and you have the option, why would you not sit back relax and enjoy your fresh six-year, $140 million contract.  


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