NBA Conspiracy Theories: By Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving continues to be the best conspiracy theorist in sports right now. First, he questioned whether the world is flat. Thursday, he thought the Bucks were using a 50-year-old court from the Mecca instead of a new court built for the special occasion to honor Milwaukee’s history.


The Bucks responded by tweeting a video of the court being built, but Irving got the last laugh when he dropped 24 points, and his Boston Celtics won 96-89.

Question is, what is the next conspiracy Irving will point out in the NBA?

The Three point line

Think it is just a coincidence that Golden State shoots three pointers better than anyone in the league? Sure the Warriors have Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but what is the real reason the Warriors hit so many threes? It isn’t analytics or understanding the value of the three point shot, but in Golden State, the Warriors actually put their three point line closer than in other arenas. It’s just like why the Colorado Rockies hit so many home runs at home. Sure, it is closer for both teams, but with 41 home games, the Warriors get the advantage more than anyone else.

Irving has a lot of experience playing in Oracle Arena over the years thanks to LeBron carrying him to the NBA Finals. The only reason the Cavs lost twice is because the Warriors cheated, not because Irving did not play defense or choke Game 3 of the 2017 Finals by blowing a two-for-one at the end of the game.

Philadelphia 76ers Rookies

There is no possible way the Sixers rookies keep getting hurt, right? Actually, the Sixers are just giving their top draft picks a gap year to travel Europe and relax after the players tough year in college. It seems impossible that Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz were all injured right after Philly drafted them. This is just an elaborate way of tanking and keeping their top players happy. The Sixers made Jahlil Okafor play as a rookie because they knew he was awful. That is why he punched that dude in Boston. If the Sixers keep holding out rookies to get more top picks, Kyrie will have no choice to call them out.


The NBA draft Lottery

Irving is right about the lottery being rigged. No jokes are needed. Irving hates the lottery being fixed because it forced him to be in Cleveland, and Irving hated being in Cleveland. The Cavs won the lottery after the NBA felt bad for Cleveland since LeBron left, but unfortunately Kyrie was not good enough to bring the Cavs the playoffs. So, the Cavs were rewarded Andrew Wiggins and, gulp, Anthony Bennett.


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