Have baseballs been juiced this year?

All of this is just crazy. Here at What The Sports, we have some possible reasons on how the MLB managed to “juice” game-used baseballs.

Short answer: YES.

2017 has been the most productive home-run hitting season on record, and the playoffs have been the cherry on the top of the cake, the exclamation point if you will.

To put it in perspective, Clayton Kershaw, the MLB’s best pitcher over the past five years or so, just set the league record for most home runs given up in an entire postseason with eight.

Through five World Series games, the Dodgers and Astros have already broken the record for most home runs hit in a World Series with 22. Two of the games so far have seen more than seven homers hit in a single game, and there were five just in extra innings in Game 2.

In short, baseball is broken, and it’s never been more fun to watch.

The question still remains, are baseballs juiced this season?

By these statistics, most would say yes. 2017 also broke the regular season record for most homers hit.

All of this is just crazy. Here at What The Sports, we have some possible reasons on how the MLB managed to “juice” game-used baseballs.

1. The Stitches

The stitches on the baseball were lowered, creating less air resistance against the ball. This allows for the baseball to travel farther, and that has caused the surge in home runs this year.

2. Better steroids

Players have found new steroids that pass through the MLB’s mandatory drug tests. Technology and science is always improving, so who knows what people are concocting.

3. GTL

Everyone went hard in the gym in the offseason and got swole for the regular season. I mean, Giancarlo Stanton’s arms don’t get like that overnight.


4. No deception

Pitchers are throwing flatter pitches and aren’t able to generate as dramatic a break on their offspeed pitches. If Clayton Kershaw is getting lit up, that’s a concerning sign for pitchers.

5. Space “Bam”

All of the best players in baseball are actually tiny monsters like in Space Jam and have sucked up the talent from all the greatest players in MLB history. Crazier things have happened.

6. Real life Rick and Morty

We have reached an alternate timeline in the universe where every third pitch thrown is hit for a home run. In this timeline, Matt Vasgersian is calling World Series games on MLB Network with Eric Byrnes.


Any of these reasons are entirely possible, but like how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, we may never know what the true answer is.

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