Eight sad Browns stats

Everyone knows the Browns are bad. But these stats take it to a whole new level.

When you search ‘Cleveland Browns’ on Giphy, these are the first two gifs that show up.



Yeah, they suck. Those gifs actually make them look better than they are. Rather than bore you saying how bad they are, I will fascinate you with uber-intriguing stats making it more abundantly clear than ever that the Browns are jaw-on-the-floor awful at every facet of running an organization.

  1. Heartbreak

Unlimited. There is unlimited heartbreak (and tears) that results from watching the Browns.

  1. Wide receivers

I could have picked nearly any position from any year, but this is particularly interesting. The Browns’ three highest paid wideouts are not really contributing. The one earning the most, Kenny Britt, is benched. Corey Coleman is second and suffered major injuries last year and in 2017. And third is Josh Gordon…who yeah, is recently out of rehab.

  1. Division struggles

Presuming the Browns finish last in the division again this year, it will be the seventh time in a row that they finish fourth out of four teams.

  1. All time

This is actually positive, I just think it is interesting. They are still 31 games above .500 all time.

  1. Draft

Everyone knows they can’t draft, so hopefully this is a new stat you have not heard of. They drafted 45 players between 2008 and 2013. Zero are on the roster today.

  1. Season Openers

They have lost 13 IN A ROW. That is just wild, folks. 13. Let me count that out for you. 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE is already a lot, 6, 7, 8, this is getting absurd, 9, 10, now it is funny, 11, 12, 13.

  1. History with the Steelers

These are two very similar cities in about every measurable demographic. One stat that is far from equal is the Browns vs. Steelers record against each other. The Browns have won four of the last 35 meetings.

  1. Other Cleveland teams

Cleveland is a city known for being awful at sports, among other things. Even with them not being the best, the other two Cleveland teams have won a combined 135 playoff games (Indians 48, Cavaliers 87) playoff games since the Browns last won a postseason matchup.

1 comment on “Eight sad Browns stats

  1. warningtrack

    OMG. shaking my head in disblief, or at least I will be shaking my head after I get my jaw off the floor.


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