Fixing the Giants receiving corps

The Giants could use some current and retired professional athletes to fix their depleted wide receiver corps.

The Giants could use some current and retired professional athletes to fix their depleted wide receiver corps.

New York Giants pass catchers Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard were believed to make up one of the best wide receiver trios in the NFL prior to the season. However, one fateful Sunday at Metlife, the turf monster decided to rear it’s ugly head and take down the whole Giants receiving core one-by-one.

The Giants receivers the past two weeks were Travis Rudolph, Ed Eagan, Tavarres King, and Roger Lewis. The only uninjured survivor in the Giants conglomerate of weapons was tight end Evan Engram, who has the size and speed of a receiver.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams A.K.A White Chocolate, was one of the best passers in the NBA during his playing days. He could always find his teammates in the flashiest of ways.

Before his NBA stardom, Williams played wide receiver in high school alongside NFL-great Randy Moss. It is fair to say that even though Moss was young, he could have taught Williams a few tricks of the trade.

Moss’s trademark in the NFL was “Mossing” opposing cornerbacks by out-jumping them for touchdowns, often embarrassing them.

Williams was also known for his ball-handling skills and ability to break ankles during his prime. This talent translates perfectly to the NFL where Williams could use the footwork needed for moves like a crossover or stutter step to blow by opposing NFL cornerbacks.


While his size and stature might not seem intimidating, Jason Williams could be the slot weapon Eli Manning needs.

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes’ athletic ability is not necessarily the first attribute that comes to mind. Viewed in the NBA community as a fiery guy who is a good defender and occasionally an offensive threat, his 6-foot-7 frame presents quite the size mismatch against any corner in the league.

Many do not know this, but Matt Barnes was a star wide receiver his senior year of high school leading the nation with 28 touchdowns. While it was only high school, 28 touchdowns in one season is impressive no matter the level.

Today Barnes may not put up star numbers like his senior year of high school, but he has the attitude and trash talking ability to compete with anyone. The value of trash talk and confidence on the field can not be understated. No corner will want to stand in the path of an angry Matt Barnes. If anyone has any questions about this, they can go ask Derek Fisher. Many football fans call Odell Beckham a headcase, so why not replace him with another one?

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was one of the best passers and flashiest players during his tenure in the NBA. AI would not only break your ankles, but he would let you know about it to. If you have any questions about this, go ask Tyronn Lue. Iverson was a standout high school quarterback at Bethel high school in Virginia before pursuing basketball attending Georgetown University. What AI was known for in the NBA his electric dribble moves and outstanding speed, was his trademark as a high school quarterback. As a wide receiver in the NFL, quick agility and precise footwork are some of the most important weapons you can have.

AI, I know that you do not like practice, but you will need a few training sessions to get back into your groove and build chemistry with Eli. While it probably will take a little while to build that chemistry, AI and Eli could be a potentially dominant force for the revamped Giants offense.


Don’t feel too upset Giants fans, while it will be difficult for these players to contribute, the draft class is extremely talented at multiple positions.

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