Building a Browns QB out of Failure

The Browns are awful again and in need of a quarterback. Look nowhere other than their failed experiments of the past to solve their current issue.

2017 is yet another lost season for the Cleveland Browns as they currently sit at 0-7 with plenty more losses in their sight. The thing Cleveland has obviously struggled with most is their quarterback play with awful stability at the position. The solution at the position is probably not even on the team, so I decided to create a perfect quarterback out of traits from the Browns’ quarterback graveyard.

Arm Strength: Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden had a ton of problems coming out of college including, most notably his age. Other concerns were injuries and inflated numbers in the PAC-12. However, one of the things he was most valued for was his cannon of an arm that made him a major league pitching prospect. Weeden was not afraid to air the ball out in college and give his receivers a shot downfield for a big play. Weeden was not the fastest or strongest QB in the pocket, but when he had time he could let that ball fly even for a 29-year-old rookie. Nothing better than starting a perfect quarterback than with Brandon Weeden.


Legs/Escapability: Robert Griffin III

Remember when people were actually debating whether the Colts should take Andrew Luck or RGIII? Well, it seems as if the Colts made the right decision in that one. Griffin was arguably one of the most intriguing players to watch at Baylor because of his unbelievable ability to make plays not only with his arm, but with his ability to run as well. Griffin would constantly keep plays alive by getting outside the pocket. Even in those early years with the Redskins, Griffin looked like he could be the next “generational quarterback” in the NFL. Even with his early departure from the league, RGIII deserves to be the legs of our perfect Browns quarterback.


Height: Tim Couch

Here is where the revolving door of Cleveland’s quarterbacks began.. Tim Couch was supposed to be the most physically gifted quarterback that we had seen in the last five to ten years. Unfortunately he would not be on this list if he had been as successful as how hyped up he was coming out of college. One thing that Couch did have going for him however was his height on the football field. His 6’4” stature will surely help our perfect quarterback see over the line of scrimmage and make accurate downfield passes. It is pretty sad when the only thing that is valuable from a former first overall pick is his height.

Winning Mentality: Derek Anderson

The quarterback that brought the Browns their first winning season since 2002 was Derek Anderson. The even sadder thing however, is that 2007 season is still the last winning season the Browns have had since 2002. Anderson had the competitiveness and the will to win needed to make our list. He made the city believe that he could be the future quarterback for the organization. In that 2007 season, Anderson threw for 29 touchdowns and only 19 interceptions. Anderson had the most successful season for the Browns in over a decade and is an easy choice for our quarterbacks winning mentality.

Intelligence: Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson had a very short stint in Cleveland where he compiled a record of 1-7 as quarterback, throwing 2 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. While Pederson may not have shown it at the time, but as an NFL head coach has proven that he knows the game of football.  With his ability to become a successful head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, having a “coach on the field” in Pederson will be a huge help for our quarterback. It is the intelligence that Pederson gives that can really put this quarterback over the top.


Swagger: Johnny Manziel  

Swagger is not only the name of the Browns mascot, but it is an essential quarterback trait. If Johnny Manziel could have stayed away from the off the field problems, this list may not have even been created. His character was in question even when he was just a redshirt freshman in college at Texas A&M University. It is not the character we are looking for in Manziel; it is the confidence he displayed on the football field. Football is not about being mister nice guy as some would say. It is a sport where even the quarterbacks need a little bit of swagger to be successful. Johnny Football can bring this confidence not just to the quarterback position, but also his teammates,translating to victories on the field.


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