Las Palmas Path To Winning La Liga

Las Palmas may not be the best team in La Liga, but could they have what it takes.

All over the globe, La Liga is renowned for its impressive array of world class teams. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid are all top tier clubs that have won hundreds of trophies collectively. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Las Palmas – a team that wins roughly a game or two a year. Overwhelming odds point toward another league championship for one of the aforementioned powerhouses of La Liga. However, this is Las Palmas’ year – and here’s why.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.39.33 PM.png


Las Palmas utilizes a backline of Borja Herrera, Ximo Navarro, Mauricio Lemos and Michel.

While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are transcendent talents they are nothing compared to Borja Herrera. This Golden Boy is blooming at left back, so we can expect many hard days at the office for La Liga right wingers. In addition, last season, the up and coming center back duo of Ximo Navarro and Mauricio Lemos let up only 74 goals, just a mere 47 goals more than Atletico Madrid’s backline.

As this defensive powerhouse builds up team chemistry, we can obviously expect this 47 goal margin to even out. At right back, Brazilian international Michel stands tall, ready to barely inconvenience all of La Liga’s left wingers.


Las Palmas’ midfield is composed of Alberto Aquilani, Tana, Jonathan Viera, Hernan, and Oussama Tannane


In the past, Las Palmas’ midfield has been horrendous. However, now one-fifth of their midfield has not been completely atrocious. That one-fifth is composed of the man pictured above: Jonathan Viera.

It’s true that up to date, this midfield has not performed to even mid-level La Liga standards, but it seems as if they are all finally due for their year.

At 33 years old, holding midfielder and Italian international Alberto Aquilani is poised to fulfill his destiny as the next Andrea Pirlo as loanee Sergi Samper likely will not stay with the team.

Right winger and household name Oussama Tannane has been looking like a regular Gareth Bale in preseason this year, and soccer’s third most famous Hernan fills in a gap at right-center midfield. Spain international Tana plays at left midfield and, and at 27 years old is finally ready to enter his prime and possibly contend for a Ballon D’Or.


Although their base lineup only contains Jonathan Calleri at lone striker, Las Palmas have loanee Vitolo for another few months as well as Loic Remy in the reserves.


Two out of Las Palmas’ three forwards used to play in the world’s most competitive league – the Premier League. And trust me when I tell you that they made their mark. Jonathan Calleri scored one goal in 16 appearances for West Ham United, while Loic Remy scored one goal in 13 appearances during his most recent Premier League Season with Crystal Palace.

Las Palmas’ only perennially successful La Liga talent, Vitolo, will sadly be heading to the Spanish capital come January when Atletico’s transfer ban ends. However, Argentinian international Calleri looks poised to fill his shoes once Vitolo leaves. Las Palmas will require a goal-a-game output from Calleri, and although his 0.21 goals per game has not quite lived up to that standard during previous years of his career, rumor has it he’s worked REALLY hard this offseason.


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    Great banter! Would read again!


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    Great read! Would love to read more by this author.


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