Wade benched, what’s next?

Dwyane Wade is already headed to the Cavs bench. Cleveland may not be done with surprising moves, though.

Dwyane Wade is a 12-time all-star, husband to Gabrielle Union, owner of a great head of lettuce and a…bench player? The savvy veteran approached head coach Ty Lue to play down with the second unit in Cleveland.

J.R. Smith, who was “absolutely” frustrated he started the season on the bench, will return to his old spot in the starting lineup. Not so fast, Mr. Smith, the Cavs have a deeper plan.

The Cavs care about the regular season about as much as Yankee fans care about their team when they are not in the playoffs (Zing). I have said for years that the Cavs should play their stars about a third of the games in a season so that they are fresh for the playoffs.

It appears Ty Lue and company have followed my plan. The Cavs may have some more of these moves up their sleeve that may draw a little added controversy.

No more back-to-backs for LeBron

The King is the King for a reason, but the guy is in his fifteenth season. Could he do back-to-backs? Oh, with ease. Is there any reason for him to? Probably not. Let’s go live to the rest of the East when they see a well-rested LeBron in the playoffs.


Kevin Love does not have to play regular season defense

I mean, he did not really anyway. But now he won’t even have to run down to the other side of the court. By my calculations that is a 50 percent energy reduction. Love will love it.

Do not wait until the postseason to sign Dahntay Jones

Why wait? The veteran is only there for intimidation, garbage time and team camaraderie. All things that don’t need to wait until the postseason. The guy is a great cheerleader and could play for LeBron when he misses those back-to-backs.


Making these moves could help the Cavs enter the playoffs like a spry chicken.

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