What the Sports is up with the NHL season

Hockey is back everyone, and The New Jersey Devils and Las Vegas Golden Knights are the two best teams in the NHL. Who would have thought a team filled with youth and an expansion team would be the two leading teams in the NHL? While the New York Rangers, expected to be one of the best in the NHL, have started out 1-5-2. What the Sports is wrong with the NHL season so far?

New Jersey Devils

As a Devils fan, the season so far has been a pleasant surprise. The Devils struggled mightily to put the puck in the net last season. It turns out having the number one pick brings a certain stroke of luck. The Devils were projected to have the eighth best odds for the 1st overall pick but still got it anyway. Thus far it appears that luck blended with new found talent has provided the Devils with a potent offense. First overall pick Nico Hischier has impressed through six games so far, with six points.

The secret recipe has been “The Jacket” and Keith Kinkaid’s postgame tweets. Kinkaid tweets only in emoji’s after the Devils win, and the tweet features the top performers of the night. The tradition began last season and has progressed quickly, to the point where some teammates consider it an addiction. Based on their play thus far it appears Kinkaid will be doing this very often.

Devils coach John Hynes awards one player “The Jacket” after a Devils win. “The Jacket” is given to a player who plays well both offensively and defensively and provides an all-around great effort. There is a competition in the locker room to get “The Jacket”, which has brought a great sense of competition and camaraderie to the team. If the Devils can continue their winning ways by season’s end, every player on the roster can have this great honor.

Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Knights have begun the season 5-1 as well. In their first season, absolutely nobody expected the Knights to play this well. They are lead by James Neal, Jonathan Marchessault, and goalie Marc Andre Fleury. They began their season with a nice symbol of unity surrounding the ice with the message of “Vegas Strong”. All of the players began the season with heavy hearts and have performed outstanding thus far.

In combination with their awesome play, the Knights have some pretty great uniforms.Their away uniforms, in particular, are awesome featuring a big knight on the helmet and the middle of the jersey.


The element of surprise has helped them take the NHL by storm thus far. Many of the players they obtained from the other 30 NHL teams were young unproven guys who have played very well in the first six games.

While it will be very tough to sustain this success, the Knights have shown the rest of the NHL not to take them lightly.

New York Rangers

Shocking hockey fans everywhere the New York Rangers have been absolutely horrible thus far. The Rangers are an extremely talented team, but all of that talent has not meshed yet. While there is plenty season of left, the Rangers need to improve quickly in order to stay competitive in one of the best divisions in hockey, The Metropolitan.

If the Rangers cannot win on the road they need to start winning at home. Madison Square Garden is filled with rich tradition and history, many of those memories created by the Rangers. The Knicks are in a rebuilding year and will be losing quite often at the Garden. The Rangers do not want to continue this trend. New York fans are some of the most dedicated in the world but do not take very kindly to losing.

With all of the talent on their roster, The Rangers can most certainly turn it around, but they are running out of time.

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