Grudge Match, Biggest Rivalries

In sports, we have debates on which player is better than the other, leading to constant arguing but no distinct answer.  I have taken the liberty of providing these answers to the biggest sports debates with an old-school imaginary grudge match. Let’s see who comes out on top.  

Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan

This debate has been going on forever and keeps getting more and more interesting as LeBron just keeps adding to his impressive resume. I see this fight going a long way. Michael Jordan was always just so clutch, even when the odds were stacked against him (flu game).  Having said that, Lebron showed a ton of determination in coming back from a 3-1 deficit to the Warriors in 2016. Lebron has the height and reach advantage, but how can you count out Jordan? This one comes down to just who is more physically dominant down the stretch with more anger and ferocity in their punches. Lebron just has too much force compared to Jordan.

Decision: Lebron James


Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott

This matchup is very personal to me as a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. This debate goes on and on every single week of the NFL season and just shows why the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry is one of the best in the NFL. Wentz does not seem much like a fighter at all to me as his personality seems more like a guy who would rather break up a fight than start one. However, Wentz is extremely hard to bring down in the pocket. Prescott is one of the most fit quarterbacks I have ever seen. I feel very comfortable saying that if Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott switched numbers, I would not be able to tell the two apart with pads on. Based on the physical gifts that Prescott possesses, his speed and power will be no match for Carson Wentz.  

Decision: Dak Prescott


Nick Saban vs. Bill Belichick

In this edition of battle of the coaches, we have Patriots coach Bill Belichick taking on Alabama’s Nick Saban. Nick Saban has brought the Alabama Crimson Tide so much glory after taking over in 2007. Saban gets all the best recruits, but also uses them to the best of their abilities.. If Saban does not like something, he will let you hear about it.  Belichick on the other hand, flies under the radar and does not get too emotional with anything he does. Spygates, Deflategates, you name the cheating technique and he has probably tried it. This fight will include an early lead for Saban, but he will eventually lose to Belichick who snuck in brass knuckles to the fight.  

Decision: Bill Belichick


Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant

I included this matchup because I would pay a lot of money to see this fight. If this actually happened, it would make more revenue than the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight. Everybody is aware that Durant left the Thunder for the ever-so-lovable Golden State Warriors who just beat the Thunder the previous year in the Western Conference Finals. Westbrook has voiced his displeasure with Durant several times. We all know that nothing would make Russ happier than to punch Durant square in the face. The question of this fight will be how can Westbrook get inside of Kevin Durant’s freakish frame. Speed and agility is what Westbrook will need and he has a lot of it. I like Westbrook to take this one home with a one-punch knockout.

Decision: Russell Westbrook

Julio Jones vs. Antonio Brown vs. Odell Beckham Jr.

In our only matchup with three players,  some of the top wide receivers in football battle it out to see who is truly the best receiver in the NFL. Odell Beckham will unfortunately be knocked out early as he could not even beat a field goal net last season.


This one is really between Jones and Brown. Brown definitely has the footwork of a fighter which he has shown through his many creative touchdown celebrations. Julio Jones on the other hand seems to have a very Kawhi Leonard-type personality compared to the other players at his position. Julio Jones knows he is good, but he is not going to be flashy and just does his job. The only concern for me about Julio is he has already had his fair share of injuries, but he will squeak out a win after a long grueling battle with Antonio Brown.

Decision: Julio Jones


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