Conspiracy Theory: Warriors lost on purpose

The Golden State Warriors may have lost on purpose, but why?

Losing on purpose?

The Golden State Warriors lost their NBA opener for the second consecutive year, perhaps something that was done on purpose to mimic last season’s first gamer so they can have as successful a season as last year.

When receiving the championship rings and unveiling the banner for the home crowd, head coach Steve Kerr must have thought of something.

The Warriors were in control of almost the entire game, but Kerr and company had flashbacks of the 2015-2016 season, where the team won 73 games, but lost in the finals after winning on opening night.

A Kevin Durant buzzer beater did not count as the #HoustonStrong Rockets overcame the three point-shooting Warriors lead in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors lost last season’s season opener as well, and the end result worked out for them as the “Dubs” won the NBA Finals in five games.

The “Bearded One’s” 27 points combined with Chris Paul’s 11 assists made for an exciting duo, and showed that the Warriors may not be as invincible as everyone thought.

But maybe that’s exactly what they want us to think. (say whaaaaaaat!)

Nick Young predictably led the team in scoring with 23 points in a motivated performance as one of the only players that did not get a ring before the game. With “Swaggy P” in such fine scoring form, Golden State is exactly where it wants to be.


1 comment on “Conspiracy Theory: Warriors lost on purpose

  1. Awesome article 🤘🏻 Steph with the shot boi


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