How LeBron can pull off the pettiest move of his career

If there is one thing LeBron James is better at than the game of basketball, it is subtweeting and sending subliminal messages. Amongst the King’s greatest hits include “Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart of something special! Just my thoughts,” and accused Kyrie of riding his wave.”

Over the past couple years, LeBron has been feuding with the Golden State Warriors and trolling them via a ultimate Warrior shirt and his infamous Halloween party.

However, LeBron has a new nemesis, Kyrie “Uncle Drew” Irving. The ball-dominant point guard demanded a trade from “The Land” this summer after he was upset that he was included in trade rumors. Irving later revealed that he also wanted to have his own team, regardless of the fact that Kyrie could not win a game for the Cavs whenever LeBron sat out.

How will James take a jab at Irving prior to tip-off Tuesday night in Cleveland? Will he put his head down and let his play speak for itself? Of course not! Will James wear a clever t-shirt or continue call Kyrie a ‘kid?’ Maybe, but I think James has something bigger in mind.

LeBron James has an opportunity to do the most petty thing in NBA history Tuesday Night.

Not play.

Kyrie wants nothing more than to prove he is the man and defeat the King on his home court, so, LeBron should deny him the opportunity. James has a built-in-excuse with his ankle ‘injury’ and can just chill as NBA fans watch the Cavs take on the new-look Celtics.

It is a win-win for LeBron. The new, deeper Cavs beat Kyrie, humiliating him showing that Kyrie was the problem, or the Celtics win. But, if the Cavs get smoked, the Cavs can say they punted and do not view the Celtics as a legitimate threat. That has to wreck the flat-earth-truther emotionally, right?

I don’t think it is ridiculous to think Cavs could beat Celtics on opening night. Both teams will have substantial growing pains and the Cavs are a lot deeper.

Plus, it gives LeBron the chance to do the thing Kyrie hates most, appear as a father figure to him.

Dads love watching their kids play, right?

Kyrie gets furious anytime someone implies LeBron is a father figure to him, so make it the ultimate subtweet here.

LeBron has a chance to pull off the pettiest move of his career. He probably won’t, but he should.

Just make sure to turn on notifications for LeBron’s Instagram posts, because I can’t wait to find out what song he will work out to Tuesday morning.

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