Cavs vs East All Stars: Who would win?

The Cavaliers might have finally assembled a team that can take down the Warriors. With the new additions of Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade and Jae Crowder the Cavaliers have built their own super team in the Eastern Conference. No one can take down the Cavs in the East this year except this dream team made up of players from various teams in the Eastern Conference.

Starting Point Guard: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will finally be able to exact revenge on the Cavs, although he will not be “the guy” on the team, which will probably upset him. Kyrie is the best point guard in the east, but Isaiah Thomas gives him some solid competition. However, there are some questions regarding his hip injury. Kyrie facing off against his ex-teammates LeBron James and Kevin Love, should inspire him to have an amazing season.

Starting Shooting Guard: Demar Derozan

Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry make up one of the best backcourts in the NBA. Derozan’s athleticism and explosiveness make him one of the most athletic players in not only the Eastern Conference, but the whole NBA. Derozan has improved his shooting capabilities over the past few seasons and now is an outside shooting threat as well as a threat to attack the basket.

Starting Small Forward: Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Greek Freak is one of the emerging stars in the NBA. Similar to Derozan, Giannis is one of the most athletic players in the NBA. At 6’11 and a wingspan over 7 feet, Giannis can play all five positions on the floor and is a constant mismatch for all opposing defenders. His dunks are highlight reel material every night, jumping from the free throw line and dunking on opposing defenders. Giannis will be in the MVP contention this upcoming season and for many seasons to come as long as the Bucks do not disappoint.

Starting Power Forward: Kristaps Porzingis
Most Knicks fans I am proud to say I was not one of them were extremely disappointed when the Knicks drafted him. Porzingis has become one of the best young players in the NBA and is now the best power forward in the Eastern Conference. Nicknamed the Unicorn, Kristaps ability to create for himself and shoot the three is rare to find in a 7 footer. With his size and ability as a rim protector, Kristaps is a franchise player. In today’s NBA he may be stretch center, but that brings us to our next position.

Starting Center: Joel Embiid

Now that Joel Embiid is finally healthy “knock on wood” the Process can finally come to fruition. Jerry Colangelo has formed a talented young core of Simmons, Fultz, and Embiid. Similar to Porzingis, Embiid can create for himself off the dribble and can shoot the three, which is very uncommon in a 7 footer. Joel also has great dance moves and is trying to get in the best shape possible running around the streets of Philadelphia before the season starts. If healthy, Embiid can lead the sixers to the playoffs for many years to come.

The bench will consist of Kyle Lowry, Bradley Beal, Gordon Hayward, Jabari Parker, Hassan Whiteside, Kemba Walker, Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Serge Ibaka, and Al Horford.

Matchup 1

Kyrie Irving vs Isaiah Thomas

The matchup of Kyrie and Isaiah will be the one of the most highly touted individual matchups of the upcoming season. Kyrie is looking to prove just how valuable he can be, when he is not in Lebron’s shadow. Isaiah as long as hip is healthy, will be able to compete with Kyrie. Both point guards will score with ease on each other, the tough test will be who could pull off the occasional steal and fast break layup.

Matchup 2

Dwyane Wade vs Demar Derozan

Dwyane Wade is finally back with Lebron after their separation for a few seasons. Dwayne is much older now, but occasionally still flashes og Wade with those fadeaway jumpers and baseline slams. Demar Derozan, although he apparently did not go to college has developed into quite the player in the NBA. Derozan should be able to attack Wade with his speed and athleticism. Neither player is a huge threat from three which will hurt both of the team’s spacing.

Matchup 3

Giannis Antetokounmpo vs LeBron James

Out of all five matchups this one is sure to be the most entertaining. LeBron is the best player in the game dominating on the court and improving the players around him. Giannis is one of the best up and coming players in the NBA. Giannis should be able to use his length and speed to try and take advantage of LeBron in the open court. Ultimately, though LeBron will be able to use his experience to take advantage of the youth of Antetokounmpo.

This may be a little extreme, but wow.

Matchup 4

Kristaps Porzingis vs Jae Crowder

Jae Crowder is an underrated talent in the NBA, who is one of the best defends at his position. Crowder will struggle though with a player that is as tall and talented as Kristaps. He should be able to use his speed and agility to take it to Jae Crowder. He also has seven inches on Crowder and can use his size to extend over him. Crowder although an excellent defender will not be able to contain the Unicorn, Kristaps should be able to feast offensively. The question is how will the Unicorn handle Crowder defensively, Crowder is very mobile and a good 3-point shooter so Porzingis will not be able to protect the rim.

Matchup 5

Joel Embiid vs Kevin Love

Joel Embiid is quickly becoming one of the best young players in the NBA. Embiid’s low post moves are some of the best in the NBA. He can talk trash like no one else and also has some of the best dance moves on and off the court. Kevin Love is a rebounding machine, but has lost some of his offensive firepower. Love tends to stand in the corner waiting for an open three screaming I’m Open, I’m Open I’m Open!! Joel can use his quickness to get past Love and continue to talk the smack that he is best at. Again, spacing hurts the East as Embiid can’t help guard the lane.

Poor Kevin, this is him thinking about guarding Embiid in the post

These two teams would presumably be the top two teams in the Eastern Conference. Both teams would reach the Eastern Conference Finals, which would make for quite a series. Although, this super team is more talented than the Cavaliers I could see them finding ways to win two games. Ultimately, this super team will win in 6. The key is the firepower off the bench, which blows away what the Cavs fans. It is okay Cavs fans no reason to be sad because there is no way this team, will ever be formed.Instead, Cavs should feel honored that the team could keep its head above water against a team formed via fantasy draft.

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