How each LCS team can win the World Series

The first round of action in the MLB playoffs was incredible and now only a few teams remain. In baseball anything can happen, but here are some different reasons why the remaining four teams could win the World Series.

New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium is a hitters ballpark, there is no arguing about that. The Yankees should be able to capitalize on this with big powerful bats such as Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. While Yankee Stadium is not one of the nicest stadiums in the MLB, the tradition that it holds is comparable to few. Although it is not the old Yankee Stadium, plenty of memories have been created in this new stadium including Derek Jeter’s 3000 hit, Aaron Judge’s 50th home run and the Yankees 9-1 comeback against the Orioles.

It is great when the whole team gets involved with a meme. Ever since that fateful day at Citi Field where the thumbs down meme began, the Yankees have used it as a way to build camaraderie. While many would argue it has been overused, the Yankees have played very well since embracing it. The Yankees record since then is 17-8 and includes a series win over the defending AL Champs the Cleveland Indians.

With a great fanbase, great tradition and an awesome meme to inspire them there is no reason why the Yankees cannot win the World Series.

Houston Astros

Unfortunately the city of Houston was decimated by Hurricane Harvey and many people in Houston lost their homes. The Astros wanted to get back to Houston as soon as possible to help out the locals and provide any assistance they could. Alongside the Texans both professional sports teams in the area began an effort to assist those affected by the hurricane. Not that they need any more inspiration, but the Astros are playing with heavy hearts trying to bring some positivity back to the city. After devastating times, locals turn to sports to alleviate their stresses and the Astros intend to help do this for the people of Houston.

Jose Altuve, George Springer and Carlos Correa plan to lead to this young team to a World Series Title. Altuve is one of the best players in the MLB, and it is especially impressive with his size. He is one of the smallest players in the MLB, but consistently is a leader on and off the field for his team. George Springer and Carlos Correa help support him creating quite the triple threat in Houston.

While the Astros have not had much postseason success in the past, just remember with that additional motivation and the plethora of talent they are a serious contender for the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Cody Bellinger, the leader of their young core, did not know who Jerry Seinfeld was. Seinfeld the popular comedian and star of the show Seinfeld is one of the funniest and most well known comedians in the last twenty years. His teammates had some fun with it, offering that he should be suspended if only he was not so talented. Cody better continue to hit a lot of home runs in the playoffs to get his teammates off his back and help the Dodgers advance.

Alongside Bellinger, the Dodgers have another talented young outfielder Yasiel Puig. Unlike Bellinger, Puig is very outspoken and has some of the best trash talk and bat flips in the MLB. Even when he is not hitting home runs, Yasiel still flips his bat and talks trash to the opponents.

While many may not like this, the rest of the Dodgers may need to follow suit in order to reach the World Series and beat the talented Chicago Cubs.

Chicago Cubs

Having success is uncharted territory for the Chicago Cubs. Last season the Cubs amazingly ended a 108 year World Series drought. How impressive would it be if they could repeat this success and repeat as champions? With the crazy competition in the National League this year repeating will not be easy.

The Cubs have moved on from the days of Carlos Zambrano smashing water coolers and consistently finishing last in the league. They are lead by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo two of the best young stars in the MLB today. There was so much optimism going into this season and the Cubs have lived up to expectations thus far.

Let’s see if the Cubs can continue some of that Wrigley magic in the playoffs this year and win back to back championships.


The whole complexion of a series can change with one pitch or one swing of the bat, which is why there is nothing better than watching some October baseball.

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