What the Sports was NFL Week 5?

Every NFL week provides us with things that leave you scratching your head and thinking, What the Sports is going on? Things never go exactly as planned or predicted and here are a few takeaways from week 5 that had all fans going, “What the Sports?”

What the Sports is up with the Jags?

Make up your mind Jacksonville! Who are these Jags? This team blew out the Texans on the road in week one and that defense that brought in A.J Bouye from Houston looked great to start the year and Blake Bortles looked like somewhat of a competent quarterback! The next week, Bortles and that defense looked like the typical Jaguars, getting slaughtered by the Titans. Then in London, Bortles remembered how to quarterback again, throwing for four touchdowns against a great Baltimore Ravens defense, and Joe Flacco only managed to throw for 28 yards.

Okay, Jacksonville looks to be back on track until one week later they lay an egg and lose to the Jets of all teams. Then yesterday, they’re back at it to pick off Ben Roethlisberger five times and blow out the Steelers in Pittsburgh. This Jags team is a roller coaster. Who would be surprised if the Rams dropped 40 on their defense and Bortles threw three picks next week?


What the Sports is wrong with DeMarco Murray?

Hey DeMarco, your fantasy owners including me aren’t too happy with you! Murray is averaging 4.9 yards per carry, but if you take away his one huge touchdown run of 75 yards, the Titans’ back is only racking up 3.6 yards every touch. Through five games this year, he has 56 rush attempts compared to 93 last year.

Murray was dealing with a lingering hamstring issue earlier this season, but there have been no talks about it lately, meaning that it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Murray did gain 58 yards on 14 attempts yesterday, but  fumbled too. Maybe as the season progresses and Marcus Mariota returns from his hamstring injury, the Titans and Murray can play with more consistency.

What the Sports are the Jets doing?

This was supposed to be the year of the tank! Sam Darnold from USC and Josh Allen from Wyoming were just waiting for you guys! Well, maybe not, because the Jets organization isn’t exactly a friendly one for quarterbacks in recent years, but still, they have already won three games this season and look to be out of the race for one of those top two quarterbacks.

Considering how bad the Browns, 49ers and, maybe Giants are, each team may want to take a quarterback. Eli has not looked very good the last two seasons and his time may be coming to an end sooner than we all anticipated. It looks like the Jets are just going to have to wait on drafting that franchise caliber quarterback.


What the Sports are the Bills?

No one anticipated the Bills being good. Are they though? They beat two of the best teams in the NFL, the Broncos and Falcons, in consecutive weeks and that defense is possibly the best in the NFL. Then, in classic Bills fashion, they dropped one to an average Bengals team after those two huge victories.

Buffalo is very similar to the 2015 Denver Broncos. I’m not saying I think they can win the Super Bowl, but they have a stingy defense that can get to the quarterback and has a disciplined secondary. The addition of Micah Hyde, who already has a league leading four interceptions, has been huge in the back end for this team. The problem, however, just like those 2015 Broncos, is that their offense is just dreadful, even worse than that Broncos offense. Outside of LeSean McCoy, they really don’t have anyone that is going to scare teams, and that lack of playmakers could very well hold back this Bills team from truly contending.

What the Sports were the Cowboys thinking?

Second and one at the 11 yard line with just over 1:20 left to play. With that baaaad man over on the other sidelines, you better run the ball to waste as much time as possible. Instead, even with Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys threw one up in the corner of the end zone looking for Dez Bryant. Okay, there is 1:18 left and it’s third and one. Dallas is still in decent shape. However, they scored on the that third down play and left 1:13 on the clock. 1:13 left on the clock for the man that rolled out to his left and crushed the spirit of your city with one of the best throws on the run anyone has ever seen? No thank you!

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, 1:13 was enough for Aaron Rodgers to yet again, crush the heart of America’s team with a beautiful laser throw to Davante Adams with 11 seconds left for a touchdown. Move over Jerry Jones, because Rodgers owns your team now.


What the Sports were the Bears’ scoring plays?

Chicago got on the board with a safety and those were the only points they took into the locker room at halftime. You would have thought this was the Twins versus the White Sox with a 3-2 score at the break. The rest of the Bears’ points were just a little bit of crazy, lucky, and creative.

To finally get in the end zone, the Bears had to turn to the arm of punter Pat O’Donnell of all people on the team, who threw a 38 yard touchdown to Benny Cunningham on a fake punt. Maybe he should have started at quarterback?


Trubisky did finally get a touchdown pass, but not without a little luck as his underthrown touchdown pass to Zach Miller was tipped by a defender before it landed in the hands of the Bears’ Tight end.


Finally, their two point conversion was one of the most creative plays the NFL has seen. Trubisky handed the ball to Jordan Howard, who handed it to Zach Miller running the opposite way, who then pitched the ball to Trubisky who ran it in for two. No Bears point scored last night was normal.


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