Worst misses in soccer history, in recent memory at least

From Giroud to Torres, there has been some awful misses right in front of goal.

What else to do during the international break than to remind the world of the worst misses in soccer history.

Everyone has their favorites, or non-favorites, depending on what side you were supporting, but there have been some embarrassing misses that cost victories, Champions League titles, and even advancing in the World Cup.

Here’s a list of our most memorable misses in recent memory.

    1. Olivier Giroud (too many to count): The tall French striker from Arsenal has had his share of atrocious misses in front of goal just in his time with the Gunners. There are several compilation videos on YouTube of his best misses in front of goal. Arsenal fans have gotten used to his inconsistency in front of goal, but he has scored 100 goals for the club, so he’s at least doing something right.
      1. Chris Wondolowski: Every American soccer fan remembers this moment. For anyone that doesn’t remember this event, it occurred in the 92nd minute of the USMNT’s Round of 16 fixture against Belgium in the 2014 World Cup. The game was tied 1-1 at that point and the ball came straight to Wondo in an on-side position in the six-yard boxwith just Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtois in the way of him and a spot in the quarterfinal, and he shanked the shot wide over the net. Belgium would score in extra time, and Wondo’s miss has lingered in the minds of all American Outlaws ever since.
      1. John Terry: Chelsea and Manchester United fans remember this moment from the 2008 UEFA Champions League final. The match, which was decided by penalties, came down to Chelsea captain John Terry to clinch the title for The Blues. In his run up before the penalty, Terry slipped on the pitch, and the ball sailed wide above the net. Two penalties later, Nicolas Anelka also missed, and United won the Champions League on penalties, 6-5. While Terry is beloved by Chelsea fans and always will be, that miss will haunt the minds of every Chelsea fan forever.
      1. Fernando Torres: Dramatic misses and Chelsea must go well together because Torres’ famous miss also came as a member of The Blues. In a 2011 match against Manchester United, Torres received a beautiful through pass, leaving him in a one-on-one with United keeper David de Gea. Torres dribbled his way past David de Gea and in front of an open goal, Torres’ shot went wide left of goal. It was a truly embarrassing finish for at the time, Chelsea’s most expensive signing ever.
      1. This guy: The lower levels of football are the best leagues to find videos of plays that you would think could happen and then you realize just how bad these leagues and players are and subsequently laugh for a good several minutes. In a 2016 game in the Serbian fourth tier of football, a defender was trying to pass back to his goalie before the ball went through the keeper’s legs to the striker of the other team. After basically showboating his way to the front of the goal, he sailed a shot wide above an open goal, as his teammates looked on in pure disbelief that a player could miss a shot that badly.

If there was one thing that we all learned today, it’s that you can truly find anything on the internet and that footballers are human too, even if they are paid more than most of us will ever make in our lifetimes.

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