Alex Iwobi is the Next Best Thing

Alex Iwobi may still be young, but his potential should give all Arsenal fans hope for the future.

Alex Iwobi has been chosen as the one to rule the seven kingdoms.

Well maybe not that far, but the young Nigerian playmaker should be given the keys to Arsenal’s castle, especially during a time when it is so hard to get excited about the Gunners.

Rooting for a team that is so uninspiring can be difficult and discouraging amid such turmoil. Both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, Arsenal’s best players, are in the last year of their respective contracts and lots of speculation has pointed toward their departure next summer.

Arsene Wenger just celebrated his 21st anniversary at the club despite the constant fan protests to get him out of the club. Plain and simple, Wenger has not delivered the results and objectives that a big club like Arsenal demands. Nobody should be bigger than the club, but the club has decided Wenger is bigger than Arsenal and deserves to stay.

If there is one way Wenger can win back the Arsenal faithful, he’d be wise to go back to his roots and develop the youth.

That development should start with playing Iwobi at every chance he gets.

When given the chance, Iwobi has shown many flashes that he can develop into a fantastic player, and the second Arsenal goal in their 2-0 win against Brighton showed that.

Wenger spoke of the objectives he wants Iwobi to hit this season after the win.

“A player like him must score 10 goals and he must as well give between six and 10 assists, and that’s what I want from him,” Wenger said. The manager’s faith in Iwobi points to exciting times ahead for Arsenal fans.

The things he can do with a ball is just baffling. Just check out some of his highlights.

Iwobi’s combination of pure skill, touch, awareness, pace, and strength makes him one of most promising young players in the world. However his footy skills not only have a positive impact on the pitch, but off it as well.

Here’s a list of the things of what Iwobi can do:

  • score and assist goals 
  • cure cancer win games
  • finesse his way out of double and triple teams 
  • finesse his way out of any dangerous situations 
  • caress a falling baby with his majestic first touch 
  • seduce anyone he wants with his handsome looks 
  • get his teammates involved 
  • solve African hunger 
  • track back defensively 
  • end world violence 
  • give Arsenal fans hope for the future

With Arsenal in such a low place despite recent wins, fans should turn to the upside that Iwobi’s future could bring to the team.

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