Run, Joel, Run! What was Embiid running from in Philly?

Most people have seen the video of Joel Embiid being spotted by a local Lyft driver in the Philadelphia area running around the city, if not here it is. Brett Brown acknowledged this video and claimed that Embiid was simply running home after playing tennis.

Brett Brown, you are lying. It is clear that “The Process” was running away from something.

Thanks Jon Stewart. Find someone who loves you as much as Brett Brown loves Embiid. Obviously, Brown is going to protect his player in front of the press.


It is no secret that Joel Embiid has has struggled to stay healthy. The big man has only played in 31 career NBA games since being drafted in 2014. He has had foot, back and knee problems throughout his career. Even after all these hardships the Sixers still believe that Embiid is the future of the franchise. Another injury to Embiid may however prove in fact that he is an injury-prone player. Joel Embiid could have been running from the grim reaper of NBA careers himself, and was just trying to escape retirement.

Minute Restrictions

Not only has it been injury problems, but the minute restrictions that Embiid has faced throughout his tenure in Philadelphia. General Manager Bryan Colangelo faced heavy scrutiny for his handling of the Embiid injury last season in the Philadelphia media. Colangelo and the team doctors had a difficult time announcing Embiid and Jahlil Okafor’s timetables for when they would be able to return to basketball activities. These restrictions placed on Embiid help him get back to “100 percent” which we have not even seen yet from Embiid. It is okay Sixers fans, hopefully the minute restrictions never return to the 7 foot big man.

Twitter Haters

Joel Embiid may have the best Twitter game of any active athlete. Embiid has been known for tweeting at LeBron, Rihanna and even Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin. Embiid will call anyone out if he feels it is necessary. Embiid was even fined for calling out Lavar Ball on social media in an ongoing feud between Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball. It is hard to not love Embiid’s Twitter moments but I am sure that there are people with no sense of humor out there not enjoying the savageness from Embiid. So Embiid just had to get away from these people.

The Kids of Philadelphia

Joel Embiid has gotten a lot of publicity because of this story and the Twitter world has been all over it. This included the tweet of the day that showed Joel Embiid pictured as Rocky Balboa, the great Philadelphia fighter from the fictional boxing movie Rocky II, leading the hundreds of kids up the Art Museum steps and jumping with joy to a pre-recorded “Trust The Process” chant from Sixers fans. Joel Embiid has definitely become a fan favorite in Philadelphia and this comparison to Balboa shows exactly why.

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