Which MLB playoff team should you root for?

The MLB playoffs are finally upon usr and the playoff bracket isset. The MLB has the least amount of playoff spots, of the major sports, which means that most likely your favorite team will not be playing in October this year. No worries, I am here to help you decide which team you should support for the next month.

Cleveland Indians


Do you like fun? If you answered yes to this question than the Indians are probably your team. No group of players enjoy themselves more than the Tribe. From Francisco Lindor’s infectious smile to the chubby cheeks of Jose Ramirez you will not find a closer group of teammates. If you become an Indians fan, the pitchers may even make a baseball replica of you!


Do you hate droughts? With the Cubs ending their 108 year World Series drought last season, the Indians have taken over as the MLB team with the longest amount of time since their last title. It has been 69 years since the Tribe have brought a trophy back to Cleveland, but it looks like 2017 could finally be the year.

Do you love LeBron? If you love LeBron then you might as well show the Indians some love. There’s no doubt James and the rest of his “La Familia” will probably attend some games (that is if LeBron is not too busy watching the Godfather again).  Also, there’s a good chance you’ll get to witness LeBron lose his mind like this again.


Boston Red Sox


Are you already super successful but not satisfied? If this is how you view life then, you are going to fit right in with Red Sox fans. All the recent titles between the Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and Sox just aren’t enough for Bostonians. They’ve witnessed more titles than anyone in the past ten years but they will still tell you that they NEED this one more than ever.

Do you like the letter B? First off, if you have that much of an attachment to a letter I suggest taking a moment to evaluate your life. However, if the letter B is really your thing, then you’ve found your team. Betts, Bradley Jr. and Benintendi are the “Killer B’s” in Boston and are an exciting group of outfielders that could really make an impact in the postseason. Also, they do cool dances when they win.


You like socks? Pretty self-explanatory here, if you like socks then you should probably root for the team that has it in their name.

Houston Astros


Do you like feel good stories? Yes you do because literally everyone does. We all know about the devastation Hurricane Harvey brought upon the city of Houston. An Astros title would not only be an incredible thing for the organization, but it would surely be a great moment for an area that just went through such a tough time.

Do you like weird designs? If you’re one of those people who thinks that the weirder something looks, the cooler it is, you should become an Astros fans because their stadium makes absolutely no sense. A short left field and then the deepest center field in the universe makes Minute Maid Park a strange place to play. Not to mention there is also just a casual train and train track chilling in left center field.

Are you short? The Astros have a superstar in second baseman Jose Altuve. The man is on his way to an AL MVP award (although my vote would be for Jose Ramirez) and the best part is he is short! Altuve only stands at 5’6” and gives the common man some hope that there is a chance we could all play major league baseball. Although this will never happen, it’s still nice to know that there are people out there making the short guys proud. Oh and if you were wondering, I’m actually 5’9” (cough cough) ladies.


New York Yankees


Do you love living in the past? “27 rings, bro,” is the classic Yankee’s fan go-to line. Yes, New York has still had a decent amount of success in the past 10 years, but no matter how the team may be doing, you can always count on Yankee fans to shove their past success right in your face. If you’re that person who is always bringing up something that happened years ago, this is the team for you.

Are you a fan of long home runs? First of all, no one is not a fan of seeing a ball fly over 500 feet. Second of all, the Yankees hit the ball farther than any other team in baseball. My sworn enemy Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are the owners of some of the longest homers in baseball this year. If you want to watch a ball go so far that you jaw will literally break, watch the Yankees.

Are you the heal of your friend group? If you’re that person that everyone loves to hate, you have to root for the Yankees. Whether it’s my personal bias or not, no one can deny that a majority of the baseball world is not a fan of the Yankees. If you are that person who feeds off of people hating on you, go buy an Aaron Judge jersey and start screaming “New York” at the top of your lungs right now.

Minnesota Twins


Are you a twin? This one is pretty self-explanatory

Do you like a good underdog story? The Twins are probably the one team in the playoffs that no one thinks will actually win the whole thing. Just making it to the Wild Card game after losing 103 games last year is an impressive feat. But wait, doesn’t this paragraph sound like the plot line to a stereotypical sports movie? It just may be, and if you want to maybe be a background actor in the production, you better go buy some Twins gear.

Do you shop at Target? If you love some good old-fashioned bargains at Target then you have to root on the Twins because their stadium is sponsored by it.


Los Angeles Dodgers


Do you just wanna hop on a bandwagon? Besides maybe the Indians, the Dodgers will have the largest bandwagon in the postseason due to their regular season success. If you’ve also become a Warriors, Patriots and Penguins fan recently, and rooted for the Cubs last year, then it makes sense that you cheer for LA this time around.

Are you late everywhere? If you think being fashionably late is the way to go, then you will have no problem fitting in with Dodgers fans. The fan base in LA is never there for the first pitch and whether they want to blame on that “LA traffic” or something else, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Are you a celebrity? Well probably not, but do you want to meet some celebrities? No team has more Hollywood A-listers come out to the ballpark than the Dodgers. From George Lopez to Ashton Kutcher, there is almost as much star power in the stands as there is in the dugout.


Washington Nationals


Do you only want to watch the playoffs for the first round? Most people will tune in for just the World Series, but if for some reason you want to just enjoy a nice NLDS and nothing else than the Nationals may be the team for you. Sure, this year may finally be “the year” that the Nats make it past the first round, but until they actually do it, they will continue to be that team that never makes it to the middle of October.

Do you like good looking hair? We all know about Bryce Harper’s magnificent locks, but if you add in Jayson Werth and Anthony Rendon’s lettuce, you get a team that maybe has the best flow in all of baseball.


Were you a fan of the movie “Mad Max”? I never saw the movie, but what I do know about the film is that it’s about some crazy people. The Nats have their own Mad Max in ace Max Scherzer and he is equally as crazy. I don’t know of another pitcher who literally curses people off while he is winding up. If you liked the movie, you’ll enjoy watching Scherzer take the mound.

Chicago Cubs


Do you like listening to the same song on repeat? This question is kind of a stretch, but what I’m trying to say is that if you like seeing or listening to the same thing on repeat then you’re going to want to go with the Cubs. Why? Because they’re going for the repeat, duh.

Do you feel like you have a target on your back? Whether it may seem like a friend, ex or even just life in general is out to get you, the Cubs feel the same way. Sure they may not have been the best team in baseball this year, but they are still the defending champs.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Are you into fashion? Look no further than Arizona because the Diamondbacks have about three-thousand different uniforms they can wear.


PS: If you think these are ugly, remember I said nothing about them actually being a good fashion choice.

Do you like swimming? The Diamondbacks have a pool in right-center field at Chase Stadium, so that’s pretty cool.

Colorado Rockies


Do you think baseball is boring? If you’re someone who always says, “baseball is so boring, there is not enough action and scoring blah blah blah,” then the Rockies are your new team. Playing is the high altitude helps the ball fly out of the ballpark, and you can almost guarantee that any game in Colorado will feature some balls being launched into orbit.

Are you trying to win a lot of money? Besides the Twins, the Rockies have the lowest odds of any team to win the World Series. If you feel like living on the edge and are in the mood to risk it all, I’d say bet on the Rockies and then start cheering your tail off.

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