Ideal Team Captains for New NBA All-Star Format

The new format for the NBA All-Star game would have some hilarious potential team captains.

With most of the NBA’s all-stars migrating to the Western Conference over the past few years, the NBA announced a major rule change to the format of the 2018 All-Star Game on Tuesday.
The new rule states that instead of the old Eastern vs. Western Conference format, the two players with the highest vote totals will be the captains of each team. They will select the other 14 players, who will be voted in by fellow players, coaches and fans.
Here is a look at the ideal captains of each all-star team, and who they would possibly select.

LeBron James

The best player in the world is always among the top vote-getters. The four-time top vote-getter would make an excellent captain due to his cerebral sense of the game. But maybe LeBron’s pettiness would get the better of him in regards to who he selects.


Kyrie Irving: Selecting Kyrie with the first selection would make fans go absolutely bonkers. They are a teammate breakup rivaled only by Kevin Durant’s and Russell Westbrook’s from last season, and we all saw how that all-star exchange ended up. Plus, seeing LeBron force Kyrie to play with him would be an all-time great petty move.

Banana Boat Reunion: With Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul both switching teams this summer, the banana boat team may never become a reality on an NBA team. However, if Anthony and Dwyane Wade are voted in, James could select all his pals to be on a truly epic team.

Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers center has one of the most vibrant personalities in the league. Just imagining Embiid selecting players that have much more experience than he does is hilarious. If the Sixers make some serious strides this year, watch for Embiid to sneak up towards the top of all-star voting after barely missing out last year. As for Embiid’s selections as captains, there will certainly be process haters on his squad.


Rihanna: Although an illegal selection, the NBA may have to let this one go so Embiid can finally make his dream of true love become a reality. In an all-star game debut and first date, Embiid would truly have a night to remember.


Robert Covington: While the 76ers’ fan favorite most likely will not make the all-star team, look for Embiid to try and get Covington into the game.

Zaza Pachulia
The Georgian center has his whole country behind him to get an all-star bid, but league rules have kept his limited skills and dirty plays out of the marquee fan event for three straight seasons now. While it is likely that he would just select mostly just his fellow Golden State Warriors, seeing such an average player as the top vote-getter would be quite entertaining.



Kevin Durant: Durant was caught using fake Twitter accounts to defend his name against harsh social media fans, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to find out he made fake fan accounts to vote Zaza into of the all-star game. They could definitely strike up a deal to make Durant the first overall pick to bolster his seemingly low self-confidence.
Dirk Nowitzki: Foreign players have to stick together, and who better to get on your all star team than the best foreign-born NBA player of all time?

While most of these captain selections would not have a chance at happening, the new all-star format gives some added excitement to a game that was boring to say the least last year. If there is one thing this new format will provide, it will be more pettiness in the league that is already the pettiest leagues of them all.

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