Which two cities need teams in the three major sports?

You know what makes sense? Putting more peanut butter than you originally thought was necessary on your PB&J. You know what does not make sense? Putting two teams in a city in a one year span, when they had zero just a year ago. (Yeah, the peanut butter analogy may not be perfect…actually, it is). Los Angeles has been given two NFL teams since 2016, but neither is doing well with attendance thus far. Just look at this crowd the Rams had at their 2017 home opener.

Maybe if the Chargers were not also in town, the Rams could sell out. There are plenty of cities that could use a team in not only the NFL, but also the NBA and MLB. Here are my two prime candidates for expansion/relocation teams in the three major sports.


El Paso

The NBA is desperately trying to build a global brand, but many are hesitant to add a team outside of the states. El Paso is pretty much as close as you can get to being out of the country. It is right near Mexico and has around 80 percent Hispanics. Additionally, the area actually has a much richer basketball tradition then you may think.

And hey, the west could use an expansion team to beat up for a few years because they have enough great teams already.


This is one of the most underrated sports towns in America. The city has an incredible fan base for Cincinnati FC, a soccer team in the United Soccer League, a notch down from the MLS. Reds and Bengals fans are also very passionate.


Cincinnati is also in an underrated region of basketball. It is under 90 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky, where one of the best college basketball programs in the country resides. The Queen City is even under two hours from Louisville, where another incredible basketball program plays. The closest NBA team to Cincinnati is the Pacers, who are in a different state and don’t give them much to cheer about.



The birthplace of rock and roll has just one sports team, but they are some of most loyal fans in sports. The entire state of Tennessee has just two teams in the major three sports. They could use a baseball team for the whole state to rally around. The closest baseball team to Memphis is the Cardinals, who are five hours away. Furthermore, there must be some talent in Tennessee when players like this come from the state.



The MLB undoubtedly has a huge a huge contingent of hispanic players and an even larger hispanic fan base. Adding another team near the Mexican border could only benefit the sport. The city of Tucson has more people than Atlanta, Miami and Oakland, who all have three teams each. But Tucson still does not have any somehow?


Tucson is far enough away from Phoenix and close enough to New Mexico to draw solid crowds. The University of Arizona is also in Tucson, which has over 43,000 enrolled students, furthering these great hypothetical great crowds.



How there is not a sports team in Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas or Iowa I do not know. These states are incredibly passionate about sports, notably football. Look at all the college teams in the area that draw great crowds: North Dakota State, Iowa, Iowa State and Nebraska. Put a team in Omaha which is near the middle of that ‘plains’ region and the fan base would be unlike any other. Omaha is the perfect site for the College World Series, and is home to about 450,000 people. This would be an unbelievable home-field advantage.


South Carolina is home to nearly five million people and no pro sports teams. They have great crowds fill up Williams-Brice Stadium, which hold over 80,000 people. The South Carolina baseball program is one of the best in the nation. This is also another town with no teams near them. Fans would come out and maybe, just maybe, the Patriots would get some AFC East competition.



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