What made NFL Week 3 so good?

Week 3 of the NFL was filled with great entertainment. It had everything you could want from upsets, to last second field goals, to even Blake Bortles having a great game. What else could you want from a week in the NFL?

The Upsets

The Bears, Jaguars, and Jets all had huge upsets. The Jets weren’t expected to get their first win this early in the season, and even got that win before the Giants — something that no one was expecting.

Blake Bortles was a completely different quarterback in the UK, leading the Jaguars to a 44-7 rout over the Jaguars. If Bortles could only find a way to play this well in America, the Jaguars could contend for a super bowl. At this point, the Jaguars might as well call London home because they seem to win there every year.

Sunday was a great day for all the Chicago Bears except for Marcus Cooper. Cooper channelled his inner Desean Jackson, losing the ball before he crossed the end zone because of showboating. I understand you never score touchdowns Marcus, but you have to wait until you get into the endzone to celebrate. Come on Man!

Heart Wrenching Losses

Jake Elliott simultaneously ruined the Giants fans weeks and became the most popular man in Philadelphia. Elliott hit a 61 yard field goal to sink the Giants, dropping their record to 0-3. Elliott also became much richer thanks to Carson Wentz who offered to give Elliott his game check if he made it. Not too shabby for a rookie kicker, even though he killed my beloved Giants.

Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans nearly pulled off their first marquee win in 2017. Tom Brady decided to spoil this by leading the Patriots on a game-winning drive. Brady sank the hopes of the Texans, who battled it out with one of the best teams in the league. Sorry Max Kellerman, it doesn’t appear Brady’s cliff has come yet.

Arguably the most heart wrenching loss of the week goes to the Lions. Golden Tate caught what was called a touchdown with eight seconds left to take the lead over the Falcons. Upon review, Tate was just short of the goal line, and with a ten second runoff, the game was over. The Lions and their fans went from extreme jubilation to despair in a matter of seconds. Don’t feel too bad Lions fans, you nearly defeated the best team in the NFC.

Unexpected Excitement

How about the Rams and 49ers starting off what would be a fantastic week for the NFL with a great Thursday night game? No one expected this from two normally unimpressive teams. In a narrow 41-39 victory, this game had everything you could ask for, from fantasy dominance by Todd Gurley to a successful onside kick. I can not remember the last Thursday night game that had me on the edge of my seat.

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