The Worst Promotions on the NHL Schedule, Part 1

A big part of selling tickets to games is giving free items away. Every team hosts promotional games. The best promotional items include T-shirts, bobbleheads, and hats. A number of teams have released their promotional schedules so far. There are still 11 teams that have yet to release their promotional schedules, so this list could easily be added to by the start of the regular season. But for right now, these are three of the worst promotions in the NHL.

Tomas Hertl Adult Swim Floaties:

San Jose Sharks, November 16th. 

San Jose Giveaway


What adult says they want floaties? What hockey fan is going to attend a game for floaties? This whole giveaway makes zero sense.






Gravy Boat:

Washington Capitals, November 22nd. 

Caps giveaway

Again, another giveaway that’s a head scratcher. What the Caps are trying to do makes sense, as the game is a day before Thanksgiving for their “CapsGiving” promotion. But why can’t the Capitals give away something that isn’t weird? Like maybe a Thanksgiving themed Capitals decoration or a or a shirt that has a turkey holding a hockey stick wearing a Capitals hat. Or even just giving fans in attendance vouchers to go buy a real turkey they can cook for their Thanksgiving meals.





Ice Cube Tray:

Minnesota Wild, February 8th. 

Another weird giveaway. Yes, hockey is played on ice and ice trays are useful. But who goes to a hockey game to get an ice cube tray? This seems like a cheap last second idea for a promotion.


Those are three of the worst promotion giveaways this season. Not every team has released their promotional schedule yet so this list may see some additions. Let us know “What the Sports” you think about these promotions.


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