Players the Cavs still need to sign to beat the Warriors

With the addition of Dwyane Wade, the Cleveland Cavaliers have built a starting lineup that puts them as one of the top two teams in the Eastern Conference. However, the Cavs still need to make some signings if they want to overcome the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Here are some of the players that Cleveland should sign before the start of the regular season.

Calvin Cambridge, Los Angeles Knights

Calvin Cambridge is an all-around star in the making for the Los Angeles Knights. He is currently a free agent after leaving the Knights prior to the start of the playoffs. Cambridge took the NBA by storm by showing off his amazing dunking and shooting ability at just 13 years old. The only problem with Cambridge is that the Cavs may accidentally mix up Cambridge and Isaiah Thomas as they are basically the same height.


Jackie Moon, Flint Tropics

Jackie Moon is the only person in the world to be a team’s coach, owner, and star player. Moon however was unable to continue basketball in the city of Flint, even after winning their last regular season game which Jackie nicknamed the “Megabowl”. Jackie’s a great team player and would really bolster that locker room after the drama that included the departure of Kyrie Irving. How could you pass up on the player who invented the alley-oop?


Jimmy Chitwood, Hickory Huskers

Jimmy Chitwood is the clutchest basketball player of all-time. Coming from a small town that was only able to have 7 players on the entire team, Chitwood led the Huskers to state championship. Not only did Chitwood take them there, but he hit the game winner with a hand in his face as time expired. Chitwood has better range than Steph Curry, and has better defense than Klay Thompson. This signing would be the most impressive if the Cavs can pull it off.


Bill Murray, Tune Squad

Bill Murray just wanted one chance to showcase his true basketball talents. Murray was given this opportunity in the final possession of the famous Monstars vs Tune Squad battle. Murray ultimately had one of the greatest passes of all time that set up Michael Jordan with his game winning “dunk.” Murray’s passing ability would fit in perfectly with LeBron James and the rest of the athletic Cavs roster.


Tino Cruz, Richmond Oilers

Cruz was a part of a Richmond Oilers team that made it all the way to the high school playoffs after a “lockout” during the season for poor grades. Cruz grew up on the streets and it was on this team where he learned to become a better person. Cruz gives tremendous effort on the court and has an inspirational effect on people. If Cruz joined the Cavs, who wouldn’t love to be in that pregame huddle.

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