What was Kyrie Irving trying to say on First Take?

The whole sports world was shocked when it was announced that Kyrie Irving was seeking a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Irving had just won his first NBA finals two years before and played alongside the best player on the planet, LeBron James.

Who would not want that?

Apparently Kyrie Irving did not and his wish was granted being traded to the Celtics.

Kyrie took a victory lap on First Take with Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman and it was quite entertaining.

Why Go On First Take?

Everyone was trying to articulate the reason why Kyrie would possibly want to leave Cleveland. Kyrie went on national television and answered this question for the whole world.

Now that the trade had finally been executed after the addition of that crucial second round pick, Kyrie could finally speak up. Who better to speak with than Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman who clearly thought Kyrie’s departure had to do with LeBron.

Kyrie and Lebron’s Relationship

Anybody who has ever watched an NBA game can explain why LeBron James is such a transcendent talent and makes everyone around him better. Kyrie was fortunate enough to not only play alongside LeBron, but the two also won a championship together. Much to Kyrie’s dismay, Max kept insisting that Kyrie’s trade request had to do with his relationship with LeBron.  

“You are answering cryptically and generalities and that makes me think that maybe there is something personal going on behind the scenes that you can’t or don’t want to talk about,” said Kellerman.

”You keep forgetting basketball is a team sport and I played with 12 or 13 other guys,” Kyrie responded.

Max clearly seems like he is over Kyrie being rude to him.

Well Kyrie, you may have played with 12 other guys, but none of them were nearly as talented as LeBron. He was so talented that you could never get out of his shadow, therefore you needed to be on another team and be “the guy”.

So Secretive

The news of Kyrie’s trade request came out while he was on his Nike tour in China. Everyone in the sports world was blindsided by this, especially the Cavaliers and LeBron James. Kyrie and his representatives did not speak to LeBron before he requested the trade. He helped form the big three in Cleveland with LeBron and who could forget Kevin Love.

You would think that as his good friend and teammate Kyrie would give LeBron some sort of heads up. Clearly Kyrie thought differently and was not as close with LeBron as the sports world once thought.

For someone who never shied away from media attention in the past, this trade request came out of left field. (Remember, the world is flat)

Love for Cleveland

Kyrie told Max, Molly, and Stephen A that he has nothing, but love for Cleveland and the times he spent there, but he reached a time in his life where he matured as an individual. In his words it was time for him to “perfect his craft”.

Essentially, Kyrie is saying thanks for the championship Cleveland, but I will never get the recognition I deserve playing alongside the G.O.A.T LeBron. I need to go be the guy on a different team and win a championship there to prove myself.

Cleveland, you were just a stepping stone in Kyrie’s career, now he needs to go out there and win on his own.

Good Luck Kyrie, until LeBron is no longer in the Eastern Conference you will never reach the NBA Finals.

And Max agrees.

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