Five Sports moments to re-watch before the world ends on September 23

September 23 is the newest date that the world is all of a sudden supposed to come to an end. To make sure that we all die with a smile on our faces, I have compiled the top five unforgettable mistakes committed in sports over the last twenty years.  

The Butt Fumble

Mark Sanchez may have led the Jets to two AFC Championship appearances, but he is most known for this household play that he committed on national television. It was one glorious Thanksgiving night that Mark Sanchez decided to run directly into the hindquarters of his own lineman, fumbling the ball. This play was witnessed by almost every sports fan some time or another, and it is the one that haunts Jets fans to this day. What makes the play worse, is that the Patriots scored a touchdown on the butt fumble to take a 21-0 lead before halftime. Before I die, I am going to have to watch this famous play over and over again.  


Lance Stephenson

Everybody remembers the good old Pacers-Heat rivalry that made the Eastern Conference so much more enjoyable to watch. The main battle was between Lance Stephenson and Lebron James. This matchup was actually quite enjoyable to watch as both players would trash talk each other making it must-see playoff basketball. Their competition showcased some hilarious antics out of Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson.  Stephenson was caught listening in the Heat’s team huddle and blowing into Lebron James ear to try and throw Lebron off his game. This moment was beautifully captured and has turned into one of the most popular gifs on the internet. Look at Lebron’s reaction and try not to break a smile.


Patrik Stefan Misses Open Net

Patrik Stefan may have had the biggest blunder on the entire list. With just under 30 seconds left in an NHL regular season matchup between the Stars and Oilers, Dallas forward Patrik Stefan had a wide open breakaway at an Edmonton empty net. Stefan ended up getting a little too fancy as he lost the puck and collided with the boards. Edmonton then skated all the way down the ice and tied the game with just 2.1 seconds remaining. It was a huge mistake by Stefan, however it did not actually cost the Stars the game as they won the game in a shootout.  


The Colts Fake Punt

This play happened two years ago and I still have no idea what the Colts were possibly trying to accomplish with their “fake punt”. It amazes me that Chuck Pagano still has a job after this disaster of a play in a SIX POINT GAME in front of the whole nation. You know it is bad when football geniuses Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are confused about what is going on. The Colts went on to lose this game against the Patriots, and this play was a colossal turning point in the game that the Colts simply could not recover from.  This play makes the butt fumble almost look normal.


Galarraga Perfect Game

This moment is extremely unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga was just one out away from reaching a milestone that only twenty three other pitchers have ever accomplished, a perfect game. Umpire Jim Joyce called Jason Donald safe on a ground ball where Galarraga covered first base. It seemed as if it was an easy call for Joyce, but Donald was called safe and the perfect game was over. Video review did not exist yet and the call was forced to stand as made originally. Joyce was very apologetic to Galarraga after the game and the two have even become somewhat of friends after the disastrous final call. Galarraga may say that he forgave Jim Joyce, but deep down we know that Galarraga hates Jim Joyce’s guts.

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